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  • Hi Phosis, I hope that you get a change to get out this weekend to Colin's gathering. I have been to a number of them now. I will not be there this time because I will be at West Coast Rumble.
    If you are able you should really consider going.

    Hello Phosis,

    There is a group of gamers in Calgary I get games in with regularly. If you like please contact me via e-mail at Colin.Jeschke@Shaw.ca. I try to get a gaming day set up every couple of months for all the players in the area I'm aware of. On top of that I still try to get in single FtF games in when I can. Fire me a note when you have a minute and we will see what we can arrange. If you wish to be added to my group e-mail let me know.
    I'm going to set up the next group meeting sometime in July as June is a real hectic month for me. Usually we play up at my office up in the NE on weekends, but if you have any suggestions I'm open.
    Just being nosey, but where did you pick up the modules? If there is a game store in your area I will probably see about putting up an advert. There may be a old one up at the Sentry Box in Calgary here. When I get the next game set up, I'll put up a new one.

    Hey phosis not sure if this is how to get a message to you or not. I am new to the site.
    I am a new player to asl as well and am willing to tackle some real games face to face. I am not sure if you are looking for vetern players or not but i am willing to learn and play asl with you.
    I am curious what days you are interested in playing. Weeknights or weekends or anytime?
    I live in high river but comute to calgary for work every day.
    I have only played the starter kit one but own the 2nd edition rb, beyond valor, paratrooper and valor of the gaurds. I am currently punching sorting and cliping all the counters.
    My e mail is
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