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    Hi Magnus, I did not see your name on ASLOK 23 PreReg list. At least not yet I know Hennie and...

    Hi Magnus, I did not see your name on ASLOK 23 PreReg list. At least not yet I know Hennie and Andrea will NOT come this year. What about you? Regards Ph
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    J226 Drawing the Kroh

    Exactly! Thanks Perry
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    J226 Drawing the Kroh

    J226 SSR2 says: "Australians treat foxholes as woods for Rout..." Unclear for me: what happens if the nearest 1S foxhole is already occupied by a MMC? Can the broken unit ignored it and rout elsewhere? Same SSR2 about foxholes for Rally: does the broken unit have to be IN the foxhole? I guess...
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    B6.3 & B6.31 Bridge TEM application

    What is "-1 Bridge Open Ground TEM" ? I did not remember that from Pegasus Bridge 1stEd.
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    Victory Condictions in FrF 19

    Building hexes.
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    Time on Target railroad overlay question

    Top is RE3, bottom left RE4, bottom right RE5
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    ASLNews to CH

    Philippe Leonard.
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    Ridgeways Mission VC question

    I played that scenario and strongly defended those two hexes, using most squads and both 9-2 Leaders in that area. No German was able to come near.
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    D2.5 Excessive Speed Breakdown

    You can do an ESB for 0.5MP, 1.5MP, etc. Here the FRD/FRU can make the difference.
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    ANHALT Pandemonium BoF 23 - Victory Conditions Question

    See A26.23: "EXC: a player receives no exit VP for (...) broken Personnel"
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    SM2 Seldom Practical AAR

    See SSR2: the German MTR81 must setup on a hill hex.
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    ASLOK Feedback - How much does an airport shuttle matter?

    And what about airport shuttle ?
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    Encircling with tanks

    No because the MA fired and missed, therefore the 2 MG fires are not consecutive.
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    Enjoying LFT15 - Question About Map LFT3: Hill or Depression?

    Well it cannot be sometimes a depression and sometimes a hill... Or you have some big LOS problems. As drawn it is obviously a depression, as its edges are in adjacent hexes; edges of a hill are in the hills hexes.
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    Where do 5-3-7 Partisans come from? (MM68 Oliwa's Escape)

    Use Axis Minors counters. It is written in SSR for both MM69 and MM70, but has been forgotten in MM68.