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    Loss of encirclement

    Encirclement is per Location. In you example, only 1st Level.
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    HOB during movement

    He is talking about a non-berserk unit (Battle Harden).
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    Reverse Vehicle Bypass Movement-VCA

    yes you're right / same CAFP and Target facing.
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    Reverse Vehicle Bypass Movement-VCA

    Image 4 (wrong)
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    Reverse Vehicle Bypass Movement-VCA

    D2.32 Is LOS drawn from the front CAFP in ALL cases for both fire from and to the vehicle in bypass? Even if the vehicle is in reverse motion? A. Yes. Yes. [J1; Mw]
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    Armored Cupolas as Hindrances (D9.5)

    From Q/A : D9.3, D9.4 & D9.5 Armored Cupolas are considered to be equivalent to an Immobile tank. Does this mean that Armored Cupolas that are not "Dug-In AFVs" provide TEM and Hindrance benefits? A.Yes. [Letter77]
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    Bd21 Graveyard = Valley?

    If Graveyard hex was also a valley (and everybody here knows it is not), then the dark green depiction would be slightly also in the adjacent level 0 hexes for LOS purpose. And this is shown in B22.
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    Batisse Boards

    Batisse board 7 was done according to the original CoD board 7. When board 7 was redone, some buildings were modified in shape/position/orientation (see D2 and J1).
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    Thrown DC malfunction

    See last sentence of A23.4 => DC still detonates in this case (Hi Sam, did not noticed it was you).
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    DC vs. Melee Involving AFV

    The DC can affect the AFV only if AFV was the designated target of such DC attack (and that AFV is not held in Melee).
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    The T-54/T-55 Tank.

    I guess there are in fact T-54-1, which had 1 fixed MG on each fender. Don't know why there are there.
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    Tricky VC, For Me Anyway

    If the scenario is FT261 The Battle of Algiers, I confirm what MajorDomo said:
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    Spreading Fire from a Blazing Wreck in Bypass to the in hex Building

    I would agree that as the wreck is in bypass it is not directly attached to the building.