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    LFT shipping problems

    Xavier, best wishes for you and your family at this challenging time! May you find time to have some Merry at Christmas!
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    Details Article on Forces at Stalingrad

    Works for me.... many thanks.
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    Corregidor has arrived in Brisbane! Looks brilliant!!
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    Is there Something wrong with Journal 12 and WO Bonus Pack 8?

    Rob, Don't buy yet... when Trump makes America great, he will surely reduce the ridiculous postage charges so that American products can be bought more cheaply!!!
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    High Ground 2 Errata

    Thanks to you both! The scenario is a excellent!
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    High Ground 2 Errata

    Seeking a clarification... In HG-14 the balance option for the Germans is to 'Delete the HMG from the initial US OB'. The initial OB has a HMG (.50cal) and a HMG. Is the latter the intended deletion? or is it the .50cal?