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    Boards 76 & 77

    That rocks, thank you!
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    Boards 76 & 77

    Hello, Which product(s) have these two boards in them? Just noticed I am missing them. Thanks Michael
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    Solitaire Campaign Games

    Whenever SASL has the unit doing something strange, I have the unit roll against their morale and if they pass, then they do what was originally planned or what the common sense solution should be.
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    Korea: The Forgotten War...

    Gamer's Armory have received their copies of FW and are currently shipping them out. Just paid for it yesterday along with the new WO pack and Operation Schmidt.
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    Red Factories/Red October Up For Preorder!

    Preordered mine through Gamers Armory.
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    Solitaire HASL Campaign Games

    I really enjoyed the SASL version of Red Barricades and Valor of the Guards. Edit - Those are definitely not short. Tons of fun, but lengthly indeed. LFT 11 has a nice Anzio campaign with the 1st Ranger Battalion.
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    The Walking Dead — Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

    Exactly. Not only do you have to deal with zombies, but a-hole people out for their own self interests. When civilization breaks down, the freaks will come out.
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    What did you watch this weekend?

    Saving Private Ryan National Treasure II The Darjeeling Limited Strange Wildnerness -worth it if only for the RV and Nitrous scene... Plus some stuff on Manilla and the Philipines.
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    Are you a Fan of Westerns?

    Western Front :D Actually, yes, Westerns are a nice diversion. Specifically stuff like the Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart films.
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    So, besides getting 10 more PM's, your own Avatar, and the knowledge and satisfaction of helping the forums financially, what other advantages are there? Aside from no advertising that is.
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    Reference Books/WW II

    I am looking for some recomendations on good reference books. Specifically books about battles, equipment, units, etc. Suggestions? What are you thoughts about the Osprey and MBI Series of books? Thanks, Michael
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    ASL Mailing List. Resubscribed.. nothing yet??

    Thanks, brother of ASL. Michael
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    ASL Mailing List. Resubscribed.. nothing yet??

    ASL Mailing List Where do you go to sign up for the ASML? The link off MMP is not working. Thanks, Michael