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    Star Wars: Battlefront is out!!!

    Quite honestly, this is one of the best-looking star wars games I've seen. I can't wait to try it out!
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    Best & Worst Second World War Movies ever made?

    Well, the best is Patton. The worst I've seen is Pearl Harbor, and I didn't even see all of it.
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    Man On Fire

    I'm as much in the dark as eveyone else here about how good it is, but looking at the advertisement, it seemed like a good movie.
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    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

    I like multiplayer demos better for these kinds of games. It was good, otherwise.
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    Ranks at ACG

    I don't think those are quite right. I have 126 and I'm a staff sergeant.
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    I liked the gamespeed the way it was. Of course, I usually speed it up somewhat in Medieval. The thing was very easy on the Easy setting, but not so much on the harder difficulties. Never impossible, though.
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    If anyone wants to extend their gaming pleasure, there are some mods to download:
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    Absolutely. It's small, but quite enjoyable.
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    I remember that pic. from somewhere. . .
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    Rome: Total War Demo

    Rome Demo is coming Monday!! Hurray!!
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    War Movie ELECTIONS!

    Well said! Let's move all of the BoB votes to Patton, eh?
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    Comedy Movie ELECTIONS! (Ignore Other Post)

    I love that line! "Holy Underwear! We've got to protect our phony-baloney jobs gentlemen!" Mel Brooks is the man.
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    War Movie ELECTIONS!

    I think we all know that Patton is really the best.
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    Comedy Movie Nomination Thread

    How about office space? I loved that movie.
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    War Movie Nominee Thread

    1. Patton 2. Gettysburg 3. Band of Brothers (does that count?)