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  • So how many rep points do you have Paul? lol also have accepted you as friend here. looking forward to the new Berlin module and nordic twilight, also ordered the arnhem without maps for the new counters ;-)
    nice hotel, did you visit the museum up the road? the old Vauban fortress that was upgraded by the Germans during the war, you can still climb up into the observation cupola , a hazardous clib to say the least as you go up the original metal ladders that the germans installed! in the UK the PC and H&S people would have it closed off, but the view is worth the climb. there is a really good chinese restaurant in it and down stairs a shop, sea life centre and history of the military side of it! shows where all the bombs were dropped on Den helder by both sides during the war, fine example of german precision bombing they aim for the harbour warehouses they put a line straight down , the allies on the other hand ar deploreable to say the least, they tried to hit some of the harbour installations and missed by a mile! hitting housing and the like with maybe 1 or two hitting the harbour area.
    Hi Paul, Den Helder is where I work!!! At the heliport, small world yes been to the museums there. they are worth the visit. The whole peninsula is covered with german bunkers and the like. Am going to Overloon a week Saturday and the following week to eban email (probably wrong spelling)!where did you stay in Den Helder? not that great a place! Lol
    Paul, thank you for the Stavka files, still a few to collect well couple of hundred but as other collecters say they are "rare"! got quite a lot from Hennie van der Salm last month he lives about an hour and a half away from where i work in the netherlands. am intending to go to arnehm this year, it is 2 hours away and Grenadier that will be a train journey tho i think. if there are any other things that you are after let me know I should have the new MM11 soon.
    Hi Paul
    On nightshift again. At least I get a chance to plan ahead a bit.
    Was thinking when we could next play, unfortunately onlyhave
    one weekend off in March and I get to go to the cup final.
    Come on ye Well.
    As soon as I get off- duty for June I'll get in touch to see what
    weekends you are free. Did we say Tyrant's Lair or Journal 9 for our
    next outing?
    All the best David.
    Paul, gave dave the copy of the last scenario pack for you, he will bring his memory stick along next time the two of you have a game. sorry for the delay.
    Probably not.
    Completely whacked after a very busy week.

    Skelp was completely off my radar.....
    Hi Paul. well I added the Aussie stuff as some of it was rare to find and did not think you had some of them, they from Steve Linton. as for the tower, well I started making them around4-5 years ago and now have them all over the world, lost count on how many that I have made, but never had any complaints about them. most people like the sound the dice makegoing down and also for the size and robustness of then. so now all the ASL'ers around here have one. Dave was probably going for CC after being successful with our game the day before!!, although his casualties by turn 7 are about 4-5 times the amount that I have lost sohe needed a break!
    Hopeall is well whith you and yours
    Paul, copied the stuff onto a couple of disc's and dave will give them to you on Saturday or when he sees you next,
    hope you like whats on them
    Will try and get them to you next month, they have scans of the counters and overlays as well, some of them are a bit cranky but I presume good for a laugh, the movie ones are interesting to say the least
    Nice one Paul, I drove over to see Neil Stevens last weekend, Social event and Music Festival, Played out of Vienna Woods, I was the Germans and as usual played toomcautiously on the first turn forgetting that he only had 5 squads! Should of swarmed him on turn 1, cost me the game but was still fun. then at night went and saw the Stranglers playing at the festival. Neil is in a quandry about what to take with him on his next tour - The Falklands!!! for possibly 2 years, for the whole family he is asslowe to take just over 13 square metres of belongings.
    Hope to get another move or two doneof First Bid with Dave when home next, and possibly a game whith john and silas, fingers crossed.
    Your welcome Paul, It was good seeeing Andrew and ahaving a quick chat with him. there was no way that I would ever get round to playing it and it has gone to a good home!. I hope to get back as soon as possible once flying is allowed, am Stuck in Holland till then. I to need to get a couple of turns of First Bid done with dave been going on for I cannot remeber, It is really handy him having a double topped table to play on.
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