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    Normandy trip

    I was only in the area for half a day so was pressed for time but I will second the recommendation for the US cemetery, incredibly moving. I also enjoyed Pointe du Hoc and seeing the plaque dedicated to future Texas A&M president James Earl Rudder (whose heroics I had never heard about)
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    Leader location in a stack

    I used to do this out of respect for my opponents, but it’s apparently “illegal” and “not within the parameters of our contract with the convention venue” Really makes you wonder what the world is coming to.
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    Rulebook soon available ?

    I only have the pocket rulebook and the LFT rat charts (started playing a couple of years ago) and have been limping along ok. I play solo a lot in which case I just miss out on the Chapter H references, or ask my opponent to look at his rulebook when I'm lucky enough to play opposed. I'd be...
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    ASL Gamesquad Threads

    I don’t get on Facebook much so happy to find activity here. The wargames groups are the only thing keeping me coming back to FB at all.
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    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    I can't stay long but hoping to at least drop in.
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    Anybody have a tutorial for ASL Tactics

    There was a similar thread on GameSquad a while ago, someone helpfully collected the articles (and links where available) together here:
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    First Wave at Omaha

    I think one interesting thing with the swinginess of dice hits is that it captures the individual heroics on Omaha Beach. I'm not an expert but it seemed like that was a battle where the tide really turned on some individuals getting lucky and making critical breaks in the German lines
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    First Wave at Omaha

    Love following this: tempted to pick it up.
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I started a game of Breakout: Normandy over VASSAL a few days ago and have loved it. It's affected my productivity at work: every move feels like the most important move so far. So much tension!
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    Blood & Jungle and CoS on Preorder

    Pre-order placed! Now I just need to get the core PTO modules :)
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    First Wave at Omaha

    Is this still in print? Looks amazing.
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    Next aar

    Let us know when it's back up, keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your AARs.
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    Looking for VASAL opponent Monday 2/20

    Would you be interested in an SK1 game? I'm new to ASL but have plans to play a live game on Saturday.
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    BFP 3: Blood and Jungle Reprint Interest

    I'll "+1" Dave's post. I am good for an order.