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  • Hi Paul, couldn't help but notice you are in Dublin. If you ever fancy a face to face game it would make a great change from VASL! I keep seeing Jim Neary from Galway on VASL, but alas there seem to be so few players in the pale. My email is wgdeww AT, mobile is 087 238 5255. Cheers, Will Waller
    We hope to be in Normandy in March 2009... if things work out may stop by Dublin on the way-- at least for a Guinness.
    Best regards,
    Was going to ask.... Dublin, Texas or Ireland.... but I see Ireland. I suspect you have a note from Geoff White who I think is also in Ireland. My wife and I like to visit... one of these days hope to get a game in while in Dublin.
    Best regards,
    John Farris
    Norman, Oklahoma, USA
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