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    December 5th North American MP game AAR

    I think this is something that has to be considered on a scenario bye scenario basis. In my mind in the case of any of the large Jutland scenarios they should be played with at least one of the ACH's on. The British have the advantages in number of capital ships,gun ranges, Gun size and to a...
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    Want to play MP Jutland games.

    Hey Klank still have ya on my ICQ contact list will watch for ya.
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    Sunday multiplayer Game Feb 15

    Was more then a little surprised to see both the XVII and XVIII half flotillas pass my cruisers and head straight for the British battle line and there doom at 30 knots. I was seeing the same thing anav was. Some kind of synhc problem maybe ??
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    Red sky at morning, 3rd Battle Squadron take warning

    I hosted the first battle (3rd battle squadron) and had both poor ammo handling and fragile AP turned off.......I have to admit the battle was closer then the score indicates.with Kotori and Anav controlling the British forces in fine style.