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    Mounted or SK style boards : what do you think is the better?

    Within a week after I got from MMP that cool and beautiful rectangular box with the first Map pack, I put all my old mounted boards in a box and sold them through Ebay to a chap, iirc, in Ireland.
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    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    BTW Jan, can you please post a link to your AARs of this?
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    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    Nice! When does it ship? :) Kind of off-topic, but I see a good job you did with the tonalities. One suggestion: you could write down on the edges a small indication of the level of each color. That will provide an easy visual aid.
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    Strong Memories or Reaction to a Certain Board?

    Checking LOS down the built-up hills in FB CG III. That LOS formula sure came in handy.
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    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    Black Sands / Red Blood sounds pretty hot.
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    Not like I am getting anything shipped from the US these days, but I might as well ask. Does the pASLRB already include those replacement pages?
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    FrF-6 Hundred Rounds question

    Yes. We are in German player turn 3. I setup all my T-70s up in the corner inside the OG overlay, out of sight of the entering Germans. Then they rushed in T1 on the road. I managed to get three out by Russian T2. Two were knocked out, and the 6th is in motion and will face his destiny in...
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    APCR (ASL Player Comparative Ratings)

    Great work! Thanks to all that have contributed!
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    FrF-6 Hundred Rounds question

    Thank you.
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    FrF-6 Hundred Rounds question

    Hi. SSR2 in this scenario states that every Russian AFV must "set up at most two hexes away from all other Russian AFV.". Does this mean that there must be at most one hex between Russian AFVs or two hexes between Russian AFVs? No entiendo, sorry. Thanks!
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    Mark's Latest Funny Comment!! on CH

    He already did a review, and it is quite positive. He has a word or two for those VCs though: "Almost half of the scenarios have complex–or very complex–victory conditions, including some with multi-part victory conditions. The...
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    MMP Updates

    Can't avoid it. My 14 y.o. asked me the other day, "How do you call an American drummer?" After mulling it I gave up, and he says "Gringo Starr". :LOL:
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    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    Just remember that you cannot emplace a gun on a paved road. :)
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    C5.1 Case A and C6.51 Tracking acquisition

    Aha! Thanks
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    C5.1 Case A and C6.51 Tracking acquisition

    Hi. A unit about to start its move is acquired by a turreted AFV. It moved one hex and stops, the tank tracks it, shifting its TCA one hexspine. Does the +1 from Case A apply in the DFPh? C5.1 states that the +1 (for a fast turret for instance) applies for fire during that phase. So clearly it...