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    Question on Amphibians and LCs

    Preparing for Red Bloody Beach, so questions obviously pop up. Just want to make sure my rationale is right below: G13.43 states that all water between a reef and the Beach is considered shallow-Ocean. G13.431 states as an EXC that LC may not enter a Submerged reef, but may beach on one of its...
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    Amphibious markers in Vassal

    Ok here is another one, is there a Ramp Down marker? In the Other/Sea menus there are DP, aground etc..., but cannot seem to find Ramp Down.
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    Interesting! I have a totally different approach. Given limited time to play say a dozen or two scenarios a year I try to pick unusual circumstances and also never repeat one.
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    Amphibious markers in Vassal

    That's what I used!
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    With 6000 or more scenarios the goal of playing all of them is out of reach to most if not all players. I mean it would take 16 years playing one scenario a day.
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    Amphibious markers in Vassal

    Thanks! Using a wall depiction is very nice touch. The counters have arrows pointing at each other (similar to barrage) to denote the extent of it and they indicate the nature of the reef.
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    Amphibious markers in Vassal

    Hi, is there a Sea Wall and Reef markers in Vassal? Just cannot seem to find any. Thanks.
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    Currently I am at about 10-15 per year. My peak was 2012, with 32 games, mostly thanks to online and live tournaments. I wonder if the first bucket 1-26 is too wide?
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    Why ASL is crazy fun: an Anecdote

    Instead of getting into a similar thread on this I started a new one. Situation is the end turn of J159, Tropic Lightning, designed by the Bongiovannis. Lots of fun things going on, maybe material for a future story, but it boils down to the CC phase of the last American turn. Americans need to...
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    Statistics Question

    This is interesting. I always had the intuition that it was better to spread out attacks. Turns out it might not right for higher FP attacks.
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    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    Reading Svetlana Alexievich's "The Unwomanly Face of War", one of the things that struck me the most was that female nurses in tank units were not simply comfortably waiting in field hospitals, but rather moved behind the tanks, so as to be able to jump into the ones that were hit to help the...
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    Chapter H ASL pocket book on the way

    Yes this looks good. Putting a few different tanks as mentioned would be great.
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    Chapter H ASL pocket book on the way

    Wow, just wow!
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    Mounted or SK style boards : what do you think is the better?

    Within a week after I got from MMP that cool and beautiful rectangular box with the first Map pack, I put all my old mounted boards in a box and sold them through Ebay to a chap, iirc, in Ireland.
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    A Name For The Iwo Jima Module

    BTW Jan, can you please post a link to your AARs of this?