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    Illuminating Rounds: Episode 20 - Live Urban Guerillas

    Thank you very much for the video! I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot from watching other players. I think I caught a couple of rule mistakes that weren’t mentioned. shouldn’t there be an overlay in 22d10-d9? In russian turn 5, there is an advancing fire fire group on the right. But the...
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    Generic AFV counters use

    Thanks! I didn't find that. And you suspect right, BFP made a counter with a 57L MA. But now that you found it for me, I'll use the standard counter.
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    Generic AFV counters use

    Thanks for the answer! We are going to play OtO-22 Inferno at Krupki, and I can't find the SU-57(a) in the countermix, so I have to make my own. I guess I'll just write "r19" for the MP and "_57L" for the MA. The rest of the important info I'll put in a label.
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    Generic AFV counters use

    Is it possible to enter red MPs into a generic AFV counter via the contextual menu? Or another way? Also: is it possible to enter an underscored MA?
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    OtO terrain

    Thanks! :)!
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    OtO terrain

    On the HASL maps, there are several shellhole/grain and shellhole/brush hexes. I can't find any specific mention of this in the OtO rules, but the J11 errata for B2.1 (the in-hex terrain (and any Flame/Blaze already in it) is considered to no longer exist at all) implies that these is treated as...
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    Onslaught to Orsha 2 Errata

    In SASL Mission OtO-S1, in the MINEFIELDS section: In the EXC it says "on a subsequent dr of = 2 AT minefield factors are present in addition to the AP mines". Is <=2 meant? Also in the ENEMY RE event 13-16 there are some symbols missing, I think.
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    Scenario Archive upgrade in progress

    About phone: when I search for a scenario on my iPhone, some of the suggestions are not show on the screen. E. g. searching for Lunch in Luga, when I type the fourth character, no suggestions remain on the screen.
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    West Coast Melee Scenario Choice

    We had a lot of fun at Bodø ASL Open with the long Saturday scenarios (14 hours schefuled time). Two of them were official: 141 Action at Balberkamp and J19 Merzenhausen Zoo.
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    Bodø ASL Open - 24th. Jan-26th Jan 2020

    The results are here: I’ll update with individual scenario results in a while.
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    141 Action at Balberkamp

    Sorry that I didn't make the terrain clear. The hex has woods.
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    141 Action at Balberkamp

    An AAR with a tactics question. We played 141 Action at Balberkamp in the BASLO 2020 (Bodø, Norway) tournament this weekend. The Germans need to clear a way across 5 geoboards to win, initially meeting 12 Norwegian squads but with substantial reinforcements on both sides (British in the Allied'...
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    What was your "moment?"

    Exactly the same. The game’s interactivity keeps my brain occupied all the time and is the best way to relax from my work. How nice that you are also free from tinnitus while playing!
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    Claiming WA in J53 Setting the Stage

    I am considering the setup in J53 where an SSR states «Russian units set up in buildings may use HIP». May I HIP a unit in a building with secretly recorded WA status? (B9.324) If not, I guess I can HIP it inside and drop HIP when a unit moves into a hex two hexes away, claiming WA at that...
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    SAN Application?

    Yes, exactly.