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    New members introduce yourself here

    They have been repainted, and is printed on cardstock similar to the ASLSK maps, but are "the same" maps. The only reason to acquire the old is if you prefer the mounted boards. I think you should pick up every module, except Gung Ho. Even if a module requires WoA or CoB, it's probably only...
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    A24.31 and out-LOS-units

    b) is correct. (Thus, ordnance WP can affect out-of-LOS units when the WP is placed at the base level of a hex that has been hit via the ATT.) ...Perry
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    A7.351 Leader Direction

    > A7.351 (last sentence) says: "A Leader directing fire is treated as if he > were firing." > > In addition, the last A8 example shows that a leader directing fire, is > marked with the same fire counter as the unit he directs the fire of. > > > 1) Does the A7.351 sentence have any...
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    A8.1-.12, C5.33 and D3.3

    1) Is it correct that most non-MP/MF actions (ex: CE/BU placement, dropping SW, creating TH-Hero) can generally be declared simultaneously with [EXC: BFF] or before/between/after any MP/MF expenditure? Some such actions certainly may be. 2) If yes to 1), Assume that an BU AFV expends a...
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    Boresighting M/HMGs

    Ron has the correct rule. Note that vs Infantry, boresighted MGs can only use their -2 DRM as DFF, i.e. when the Infantry is moving.
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    C 8.31 , C13 Baz and WP

    The reason for the restriction on HEAT is that HEAT rounds had to hit a hard target to detonate. Smoke didn't work that way, neither from LATW nor from normal ordnance, so it makes perfect sense to only restrict HEAT ammo, not LATW in general.
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    Getting started in ASL

    Note that there is very important errata found in several modules, like Croix de Guerre and Doomed Battalions, so getting all errata is no simply task. But even then, there are numerous differences. The biggest is the total rewrite of B9 for V.2, so its definately worth some extra cost to get...
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    I don't mind overlays at all, at least not if the number doesn't exceed 4-5 per board. I have laminated them and have some sticky gum that holds them in place and leaves no stain, so preparing the board with a few overlays takes shorter time than finding the counters for one side. What I...
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    IIFT(M)QRDC 3.3 is out

    Well, I did colourise the 7 column with a slightly darker colour than the other lines. Not very much darker, but it should be enough to help you follow that line. It needs to look good too, so I didn't want to overdo it :cool: Nah, I have never played SASL and never will, and the Ambush...
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    IIFT(M)QRDC 3.3 is out

    Most printers are unable to print without any margins, and in those cases you will necessarily have some white margins on one (or usually all) sides. Nothing to do about it, except printing at a more expensive printer. If the margins on your printer is so large that you don't see all of the...
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    Wounded SMC Recovery

    Reepicheep is correct, he can recover the SW. Note that the rules makes a distinction between "possession (A4.43)" and "portaging (A4.42)". Posession is the act of controlling the the SW/Gun by having it ontop of the unit, and there is no limit to the number of SW/Gun on unit can possess...
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    Yes, that's explicitely allowed in A2.52: "An off-board squad capable of Deployment may attempt to Deploy in its RPh if stacked with a leader".
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    Battlefield Integrity (revisited, again)

    I didn't vote, since none of the options was correct for me: I started out playing ASL with BI, and did so for the first couple of years, but then found out that there simply wasn't much reason to do so. It didn't make the games more fun, and it potentially unbalances scenarios (since...
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    G12.3 Beaching a Landing Craft

    I'll say a). E5.23 says "Beaching can occur freely during the boat's MPh/APh if it is declared as it enters any land/water hex..." showing that you can do it from a water hex. Moreover, G12.2 says "LC expend only MP, and cannot be carried/moved on(to) land...", showing that you're not even...
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    Firelanes and Smoke

    Yes, if he has a +3 Smoke counter in his own Location, the DRM is +4.