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    Some Dinant LOS questions

    The board has a LOT of height variation which leads to a lot of "in the air" LOS situations. First of the ramp is to know the extent of the first. Can someone please tell the height of each different colour ..... 2) Do you need to be adjacent to the river to see "into" the river in a G...
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    German Pack 40 ATG firing

    This is from a site called Forgotten Weapons on Youtube. Incredible site. This is actual firing of a Pack 40 AT Gun the only operational one in the USA. ( So I know your going to like it). I am sure this will be a site of some fascination for many members. There should be a dedicated...
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    Guns out of LOS: can they rotate and keep HIP / conc ?

    Quite simple - HIP - > un HIP ( still ?) change CA This is as I said out of LOS.....
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    Guns out of LOS: can they rotate and keep HIP / conc ?

    Given that 99% of things depends on enemy LOS (DM'ing units out of LOS being the 1%), it seems that guns can rotate and maintain both the above. I also wonder if this would be true for spotted mortars as a slightly separate issue. Thank u
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    Dinant CG (Dennis Brothers)

    Can you tell me WHERE the bunkers are on the map? I have been looking for these but as you can't buy them they must be on the map itself.
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    Will the real PBF please stand up...

    Are you trying to say there is no lettuce in the salad? Bounding fire is INTEGRAL to the whole discussion. In any event it seems to go like this. Any AFV that has a motion counter on it ( is still moving) - at the end of its its MPh is immune AND/or Any AFV that makes a successful...
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    Dinant: Rommel on the Meuse

    What time is this for. It can't be the initial as there is no way the French could have 5 roadblocks.
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    Will the real PBF please stand up...

    Any vehicle that moved to a new hex cannot get PBF. The table is pretty straightforward on that. It talks about the attacker and defender in this.
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    Dinant initial French forces.

    Are we looking at the same thing. It says 9 X 228. Why does it say this?
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    Dinant: Rommel on the Meuse

    Incredably the French did about everything they could NOT to be by the river. Next best is that the fuel for the tanks was in the rear lines and the AFV had small fuel tanks. They even had demo teams there that went back to have a brew, negating any further action. Needless to say AFV out...
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    Dinant: Rommel on the Meuse

    Please can you tell me WHAT units you used for the initial I1 forces . It explicitly stated these to be 228. I thought I could read but apparently 228 is not correct. Thank you
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    DN3 French setup

    Where is that part on the 4th group. Can you paste that here please Thanks
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    Will the real PBF please stand up...

    Once it is non-Stopped, PB modifiers do not apply (for either the moving unit or the Defending unit) This seems to agree with my thought. So. anything that moved - ex if a v that rolls for motion is still stationary - no PBF is possible. To be clear, an enemy AFV parks itself behind your...
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    Firelane and cowering

    You forgot any enemy unit that enters the hex such as a ht, AFV, berserker.
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    Immobilized Wagon in Dinant

    Thank goodness I have found someone in the Dinant know. PLEASE can you tell me how if the French initial forces of I1 which state are 228 are not. These 4 X I1 are kind of important as to what type they are. If they are not 228 why is it listed as such. Can you send me a log of your game...