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    Possibly the most asked question

    A defensive technique. The NVR is 4, so when one of your units moves within 4 hexes of me, my guys can see you but you are not unconcealed. So I take a shot, something like 1+1, a terrible shot, but enough to invoke that 3rd bullet point. Once that shot is taken, the entire front line can open...
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    Night starshell

    because in the previous player turn an enemy unit advanced within its NVR That has no effect on starshells. It is immaterial ..
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    NVR Advance and loosing ? or and cloaking

    Gosh one last, if one assembles SW in the LOS ( but in + TEM) in NVR in the rally phase as a CL unit does it completely loose CL status ? If the enemy was illuminated - same question. ( but with NVR not applicable) Thank you
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    NVR Advance and loosing ? or and cloaking

    Due to the fact that there is usually a two year gap between night games it is hard remembering the what Trumps what ( excuse the pun). So everything is CL and it is the advance phase: ( in both cases within NVR) Is a CL unit that advanced into + "TEM" ( not open ground) able to keep CL ...
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    Red October CG I: X-TAG (2019 AAR)

    To avoid interpretation it is best then to SPELL things out. Something like " on the second scenario three infantry coy are allowed for the Russian side" Simple!
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    Looking for a well versed player for RO game .. either the big one or X-Tag.

    Having played this a few times - and made the mandatory number of mistakes - I have a plan ( in X- Tag) that offers quite a deal of devastation. So if you take on the Russians get on board ('scuse the pun) and send me your defense. VASL maps are now available.. PS: No more than 2 required...
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    Harassing Fire- really it's allowed ?

    Is "harassing fire" allowed in RO?? - It's going to make quite a difference .....
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    RO CG I Started

    Is harassing fire allowed in RO ??
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    Red Factories Homebrew - I survived Stalingrad and all I got was this lousy LP

    Hi I get the idea of this but the allocation of forces is a mystery. Losses are nearly non existent to normal RB ( at least 20%) Is this a fictitious beginning to this game as I have never seen anything like it.
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    ESB and immobilization

    OK thanks for the quick reply. All verryy interreesting...
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    ESB and immobilization

    An AFV will get to the hex it wants even if it fails a ESB roll " A tracked vehicle may attempt once per MPh (at any point during its move) to exceed its land MP allotment at the risk of Immobilization." It chooses to do so at the end of its MPh. But, does this failure of ESB which causes...
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    The case of waving "brightly coloured flags" and getting toasted

    All men are born equal but some are born more equal than others. This is the case with ASL "observer" rules primarily and the case to avoid the clearly damaging (literally) effects. Take the spotted mtr rule s as "template" . The mtr that fires if out of LOS is not shown at all. This would...
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    THE bdRBv3 and bdRO VASL thread

    LOL. Do you work for the Government ... :)
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    Wide City B and "dash"

    That makes sense. Which is surprising for ASL.....
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    THE bdRBv3 and bdRO VASL thread

    That is all accounted for now,thanks. :) What I don't understand is why the hexes are so small, if anything bigger would be better. Just in case, no de- lux sizing is not a solution... Lastly, is the colour shift something to do with my own laptop or has there been a VASL snap election on this?