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    New Xbox 360 Console Bundle for 2009?

    I'll take Xbox 360 over Wii any day.
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    Predictions for Game of the Year 2008

    What are your thoughts on the best game of 2008? Discuss.
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    Fallout 3 IGN review

    It got a 9.6. Can't wait to try it. I didn't want to stand in line at midnight.
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    Fable 2 pre-orders going through the roof!

    Gamestop says Fable 2 is 7th in overall top sellers. Not bad. The game looks really stunning. Anyone else going to get it?
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    Wow! This looks sweet. I hope they release a trailer soon.
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    Dual core vs. quad core

    Can someone please explain to me what the benefit of these new processors is? It's hard to get a straight answer on how much these improve game performance.
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    Game Reviewers are Lazy

    Why not read reviews from serveral sources? That's what I do most of the time.
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    Release date?

    When is this one due out?
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    Batman - The Dark Knight

    Very good movie. See it.
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    Wii availability for Christmas

    Should be able to find one now without much difficulty.
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    PC gaming as we know it is dead

    It was bad enough when Epic said it but now Chris Taylor is saying it too. Ralph Koster agrees with Taylor! Why does everyone think PC gaming is dying?
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    Microsoft says no more HD DVD for 360 Didn't Microsoft once state that if Blu-ray wins they would offer a solution for that? I guess HD is now dead for the 360.
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    Patriots' spying has teams wondering if New England cheated in 2005.

    I heard the Patriots are going to get sued for cheating in past games. How many other teams are doing the same thing?
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    Any board gamers out there?

    War Games I tried a few of these as a young teenager.