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    Armored Trains

    Or even the desire to bother learning them.
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    ASLOK cancellation - Not One Step Back publication delayed to 2021

    "Not One Step Back...delayed to 2021" They really need to revisit the name of that scenario pack.
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    S59 Mopping Up

    I'll bet that guy had a reputation for Rules Lawyering!
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    S59 Mopping Up

    The turn of entry and place of entry I am very used to seeing the "and/or" as it means essentially you can split or not, at your discretion, the side/turn your forces enter on. There's just something about seeing it in the VC that have really turned me around. Thanks for the detailed...
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    S59 Mopping Up

    I guess I'm having some mental block here. It seems "or" is sufficient and succinct. No one would ever say, "You fulfilled both victory conditions, therefore you lost." So ditch the "and".
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    S59 Mopping Up

    There are essentially two missions to accomplish. "Or" implies either one will garner American Victory - the "and" would be superfluous. "And" implies both must be accomplished to garner American Victory - in which case the "or" is incorrect. Read the victory conditions with only "and", then...
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    S59 Mopping Up

    Reading through my recently downloaded Special Ops scenarios and I came across S59 Mopping Up. The victory conditions read: “The Americans win at game end by Controlling all buildings on/east of hexrow M and/or if there are no unbroken German units still in play”. Which is it, and or or?
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I've played both, and would go to Ambush again without a moment's hesitation if the two were presented to me to play. In my one playing of Ambush I was the Bulgarians and was losing, and I could just tell from the forces I had that I should not be losing, which made being behind feel worse...
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    Special Ops Issue 1 - Issue 7 in PDF Format

    I've downloaded 5 of them and there is more going on (ASL wise) then just the scenarios. There are articles on rules (e.g. Tank Hunter Heroes & Halftracks) and on the game itself (e.g. Singling and Solitaire ASL campaign). Even though I've got some content about games I will never play (or...
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    Special Ops Issue 1 - Issue 7 in PDF Format

    Silly question. I see there are scenarios annotated as O1, O2, O3, etc. Is the "O" series of scenarios how Special Ops scenarios are labeled, or are the "O"'s for one of the historical modules, or something else entirely?
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    Menage a trois ASL, blind play, team play, etc.

    I was involved in a blind play game with a referee decades ago (it may have even been SL actually). It becomes a very slow game; only able to move at the speed of the ref. It also alters play. Due to not knowing where the enemy is, the Attacker is naturally much more cautious. Scenario...
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    Starter Kit Exp Pack #2 "unboxing" video

    Yeah, he talks about deliberately doing it.
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    Dice Color in Beyond Valor?

    1st Edition Purchased 1988: Red, Green, Blue, & Black.
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    Were there geomorphic boards in games before SL?

    It really was the ultimate tank v tank game back in the day wasn't it? I found the infantry element not only "wanting" but abstracted to the point that they just seemed to be an administrative function of the game..
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    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    BTW I don't think the errata was included on the scenario In Romme's Wake. i.e the scenario wasn't updated.