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    Vassal EST

    ha. you got me there. AP Analysis Paralysis is my pet peeve. I'm a quick player. But watching people hem and haw and fuss around is truly excrutiating. I literally won't play with some people because of this. You have me thinking..........................
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    Vassal EST

    live VASL and SKYPE. I'm afraid PBEM might be excruciatingly slow. I just can't imagine playing that way.
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    Vassal EST

    Retired gamer looking for VASL. Did tons of classic SL. Been playing ASL quite a bit but need more schooling. I'm open to any time since I have all the time in the world retired. woo hoo.
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    Local Tournament Attendance

    Evan, if you ever organize ASL events in Tampa I have a few in Orlando that might join you. I recently joined the ASL bandwagon 30 years after leaving classic squad leader. Is Schwerpunkt still active? As far as I can tell NOT.
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    Experienced ASL Tactician seeking VASL opponents

    Still interested? I'm in Florida. Retired so flexible with times. Looking for VASL real-time. I only have the new Beyond Valor and I'm up on the rules.
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    Trump pardons convicted writer of flattering biography - just another day in the "gaslighting" of America

    I hate presidential pardons and commutations. However if you guys want to nitpick...................Obama had way more than most presidents and actually released many dangerous criminals from prison. Oscar Lopez Rivera - Waged a violent struggle to win Puerto Rican independence. 120 bombings...