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    St Louis Tournament July 26-28, 2019

    Did I miss the ABS or are you still working on it? Thanks Hope to see you all in a couple weeks
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    that is most impressive
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    Are you sick of Korea already?

    FW is forgotten - it is still in shrink wrap and will likely remain there. Too many new rules ...
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    Human Wave 2019: June 2019 Tysons Corner

    Thanks - i might have flexibility to extend a business trip to play that weekend so I was wondering about the list. For me tournaments are a good chance to try new scenarios that I haven't played or purchased so definitely would be interested in newer ones.
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    Human Wave 2019: June 2019 Tysons Corner

    Any new LFT scenarios in the tourney this year? Is that scenario list on your site up to date they all looked like older scenarios...
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    What sort of vehicle notes do you prefer?

    Second example is interesting but way too much extraneous info for a chap H entry.
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    RO at WO?

    Thats the Ruh-Ro that you are thinking of... Aka the Scooby
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    DB002 Sochaczew vs J26/140 Round Two (Same scenario/Different Names?)

    I remember playing DB002 as the Poles a few years ago and it was fantastic down to the wire. OBA smoke / MMG mayhem / and had to chase down a wily SMC and kill it to capture the last building for the win...
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    Perimeter Frustration

    The LCP CG system works really well and makes a lot more sense than clear the board and start over.
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    "Age of Tanks" documentary

    watched the first one - definitely worth the view
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    please place your order i need a copy of this we are less than 1/2 way there
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    The best HASL scenario?

    You didn't specify whether or not these scenarios needed to be on a HASL map however this is a big part of the appeal for me... I have not had much opportunity to play CG because of the time commitments but I definitely enjoy the HASL scenarios giving a bit more flavor to the ASL experience so I...
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    DFTB: Tournament sized suggestions?

    DB134 March on Marche DB035 A Hotly Contested Crossroads DB083 Block to Bataan DB036 First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge
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    Ozerkeya Bay Machine Gun insanity

    Agree the Mortars were worse - with MMG B11 they don't last too long and without leaders everywhere they cower as well. On the other hand the mortars pounded me endlessly...
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    Ozerkeya Bay Machine Gun insanity

    When playing the OzB CG my opponent also maxed out the Romanian MGs. At least 2 of the scenarios he did a fair slaughter of my troops as a result. Those were dark times however, the B11 caught up with him. Also, with tactics leveraging my own fire/smoke generating assets as well as taking...