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    Scenario Archive upgrade in progress

    New look is sweet! keep up the good work! one feature suggestion is to Searchable by map number, and For search results, list the map number. (this can make playlist prep much easier)
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    Guns offset from their hex

    Will ask for that, stay tuned...
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    Guns offset from their hex

    I am playing VASL with my buddy, we are both on the 6.4.4 release. I am on MacOS but he is on Windows. IN general everything works fine. There is only one weird thing, which is that a Gun counter on my screen would be in a hex, but on his screen would be displaced to as far as one hex away...
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    Introduction to Caves

    My regular PTO opponent and I are contemplating tackling caves for the first time. Any suggestions on reading material, as well as which scenarios to start with will be appreciated!
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    Leader location in a stack

    Normally my leader is on top, but sometimes a leader and Squad A have fired so they are under a First fire marker, Squad B who hasn't fired will get moved to the top as a reminder for me and my opponent. (especially in a PBEM VASL game, there is no way I will remember otherwise that unit B is in...
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    VASL screen freezing after sync up on live play

    Will try to get that tonight...
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    Multiple Leaders going berserk

    This implies that all leaders should take their TC first, THEN the squads will take their TC. Therefore Squads only take this once, right?
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    Multiple Leaders going berserk

    We haver this situation: There are two leaders (a 9-1 and a 8-0) plus a sq in a hex. The 8-0 went berserk, so now the 9-1 and the SQ does their task check to see if they go berserk too. The Squad stayed calm, but the 9-1 went nuts as well. Question, does the Squad have to now do ANOTHER TC to...
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    Hell's Corner board available on VASL

    Hmmm, is it there? Can't find it for some reason...
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    Rare subjects for ASL battles.

    Anything in China during the war other than Shanghai & Taierzuang...
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    Possible error in FT218 Taking Luneville?

    The scenario description did imply there is a "sacrifice", i.e. the Germans are probably right on their tail. This sounds like an exciting scenario...
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    Possible error in FT218 Taking Luneville?

    About to do the last scenario of our Luneville campaign. I noticed that the first group of US Reinforcement comes in turn 1 on the EAST side of Board 51. The German turn 1 reinforcement is also on the EAST side of board 51. Based on where other US are entering the board, I have a suspicion...
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    Asia Pacific Regional Tournament 2019

    Any thought of approximate time? If this is December timeframe I can commit to a Taiwan or Hong Kong or Singapore attendance.
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    Lastest news

    If LFT ever do a counter pack that would be a must order...