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    Prokhorovka! Q&A

    When is the VASL boards going to be available?
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    Question about YASL24

    Sounds like more packs coming, that is good to hear
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    Question about YASL24

    In "The Flying Column", SSR B mentioned that "Japanese unit can not voluntarily move/advance/rout into board 71." But portion of the IJA force sets up in board 71, does that mean they can not move/adv/rout unless they are on the edge and can move to another board?
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    Whatever happened to the Jim Stahler 3 volume rules analyses epic?

    If you need help from others to proof read I am sure many will volunteer (myself included)...
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    How to "reset" my VASL login account on a computer?

    Thanks that works!
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    How to "reset" my VASL login account on a computer?

    Q: Ok I just switched to another computer while I am on a trip. I am continuing a PBEM game that was started on my home computer. looks like I made the mistake of not using the exact same login name and PW, so now he does not think I am the same person, so all of the concealed units are hidden...
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    The VASL Map Bazaar is open!

    What is this "lesson" you speak of? Is there a link to the material?
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    The "ASL is a game of maneuver" theory.

    You said that like it's a bad thing...
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    Prokhorovka module progress?

    Q: Are all the scenarios going to be using the HASL maps? Any Geomap scenarios?
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    You got the COVID-19 vaccine, so now what?

    I am getting my 2nd shot in late April, so by mid May I should be at Max resistance. With that said, I am fully cognizant of the variant and the threat it imposes. Where I return to F2F or not (My regular opponent moved so my regular game are all VASL anyway, so this would mean going to...
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    Automation feature request

    Will try out later tonight. Many thanks for being so timely!
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    Automation feature request

    Just retested. You are right that move is removed, thanks re 4, yeah those are all counters that is removed at the end of the player turn, along the same time as PIN and TI.
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    Automation feature request

    I tested it. Prep is removed at end of AFPh which is right DEF is removed at the end of AFPh which is per Jackson suggested so good. I see PIN and TI removed which is good. I do not see any reset of movement markers. My request is: Reset movement at end of AFPh (so we get a fresh slate to...
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    Rationale for Japanese Knee mortar portage

    Sorry if this has already been talked about before... In a recent ASL thread in the FB group, the question came up on what the IJA Knee mortar is so high in its portage cost given it's small form factor. Anyone here knows about the design decision that arrived at the current value? Thanks in...
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    Automation feature request

    Many of us uses the phase wheel to keep track of where we are. I imaging it wouldn’t be difficult to implement some global key command for marker maintenance, I.e after movement phase is turned to DF phase, auto remove all resid counters. after DF is moved to Af, auto remove all Df marker...