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    Bunker Questions

    Given two ADJACENT Bunkers: Can units move directly between the two pillboxes without expending movement factors to enter/exit the trench (and being exposed to fire in the trench)? Given an SSR to the effect that Trenches are revealed as per E1.16 (DN SSR I.4), is the trench revealed at the...
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    VotG Retained AFVs

    Do AFVs which go through the Platoon Redeployment process start the subsequent scenario on map, or must they enter from off-map?
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    Find an Oppo yet?

    Find an Oppo yet?
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    VotG or RO Campaign

    Found an Oppo....thanks
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    VotG or RO Campaign

    Still looking...
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    VotG or RO Campaign

    Looking to play a CG from either of the aforementioned Modules. Prefer the Germans, but that is negotiable. Skype/VASL/ I can play one or two weekday mornings a week from 7 AM (Pacific Time--West Coast USA).
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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    These results are available on-line.
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    Looking for live VASL weekdays from 8AM Pacific

    Will play anything that doesn't involve the Desert or Caves. Scenarios or Campaigns.
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    Looking for Opponent

    Did you find an oppo? Sundays aren't really good for me, but I can be available in the evening during the week. Any time from 8AM Pacific. We played a few games back in the halcyon days of yore, as I recall.
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    Live VASL Oppo wanted

    Looking again....
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    2020 Texas Team Tournament, June 11-14, Austin, TX

    I was looking forward to coming, but have to cancel.
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    West Coast Melee Feb. 27th-March 1st 2020 @ Ontario Gateway Hotel (Los Angeles area)

    WCM is an open format occasion. If you want to play in a mini, those scenarios are announced the morning of the minis, but free play is the rule (at least for me after I habitually lose the first round of the minis I enter). Bring what you feel comfortable with bringing. If a scenario comes...
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    West Coast Melee Feb. 27th-March 1st 2020 @ Ontario Gateway Hotel (Los Angeles area)

    I have always left my stuff in the game rooms which are locked at night and never had an issue.
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    Live VASL Oppo wanted

    Would like to play on a regular basis if possible, but one-offs also an option. I am on the US West Coast and can be available most weekday mornings from about 8 AM local.
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    VASL (live) opponent for Thursday/Friday

    Thursday during the day can work for me, from 8 AM Pacific.