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    Halo 3 First Impressions?

    Just on a quick note I wouldn't call TF2 being based on real life weaponry... Apart from that I played a little of the first Halo and didn't like it. Consequently I can't understand all the fuzz either, except the MS behemouth standing behind it.
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    Consoles - I don't get it.

    MAybe it's because most console companies make their profits out of the games, not the consoles (the only console on the market that is selling at a profit is the WII). Thus this adds another layer of costs on the games that is missing in PC games, so there goes your additional 15-20 bucks.
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    Post Your PC

    Well. At least that speaks of some quality if you paid enough ;)
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    Post Your PC

    I feel really sticking out form all the high end machines here. AMD Athlon 2400+ 1GB RAM ASUS Nvidea 6600GT 10GB + 80GB internal storage (10GB HDD is for windows XP Pro) 250 GB external storage. And a nice noname 17" tube monitor. *saves for his new machine*
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    Building computers vs. buying them

    I guess it depends on where you buy your rig. I would never go for one of the cheapo things sold with large lectronics chains, but on the other hand a friend has a Dell PC and they build a wonderfull machine. Plus I think all these upcoming companies on the web providing 'pro gamer' rigs, will...
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    Should violent video games be banned?

    Personally I am not really concerned about music. After all peoples favourites differ and someone who listenes Korn isn't likely to listen to Britney Spears, no matter how brutal Britney's liyrics are ;) In my last year of highschool we compared current 'comments' on video games with those...
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    Should violent video games be banned?

    Funny, I was at a test today at the pshrinks's at the uni. They claimed they wanted to test whether you get higher reflexes from playing games. Well actually they lied and wanted to test our behaviour. (they told me afterwards) I played NFS with a car made 'worse' by a cheat and so they...
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    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    Allright, so I don't have to feel too bad about not having started yet. :D
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    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    Allright, but I'll need saome time for it, stress with UNI atm.
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    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    Indeed, would be much better I think.
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    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    I see, hmm, didn't even know 'dice servers' existed... I am also just into D20 (namely d&D 3.5) and thus guess I'll take a look into the free rules thing from that page.
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    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    I'd be interested. Have you ever played this ruleset or is it completely new to you? If yes could you explain your experiences a little bit? And how do you want to run it here in the forum? (or did I get you wrong there?)
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    Preferred Screen Resolution

    I use 1024*768 with 32bit at 80hz. Goes really smooth on the eyes and is enough for a 17" monitor...
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    Call of Duty going modern?

    It sounds good at least. I guess I'll be hanging in for both new titles, at least if they arrive three month apart it gives me the chance of readining the cash to buy them both :D
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    Use of airlanded headquarters

    Well, depends on your opponent.