Michael Dorosh
Feb 6, 2004
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Michael Dorosh

Well-Known Member, from Calgary, AB

    1. sswann
      Merry Christmas and have a GREAT New Year!
    2. Psycho
      Happy New Year douche :p
    3. custardpie
      Hi Michael
      Have a great New Year and plenty of ASL for 2009

    4. Psycho
      "but I think the giant stick I had up my ass has dramatically been reduced in size - perhaps it has simply been transferred...

      A gentle nudge in the right direction...

      No doubt I was hasty in my jumping in on Fort and Glennbo...

      Like I say - we're all occasionally in need of a gentle nudge in the right direction...

      Though I did enjoy the time Portal and I spent IRL, and I look forward to spending some time with WBRP over the holidays starting tomorrow..."

      Is everything about anal sex with you? :p
    5. MrP
      And a Merry Xmas to you too!
    6. Psycho
      Merry Xmas douche
    7. shirlfactor
      thank you. My father bought your book its very good. Now I just got to steal it from him lol.
    8. Psycho
      I had to go look for it but it wasn't hard to find. Just sort by replies and BAM! there it was. It was sort of interesting up to a point and then again after just for the outrageously stupid ideas the German fanboys would come up with. :)
    9. Michael Dorosh
      Michael Dorosh
      Heh. Fort is Gary Fortenberry. He's a long time ASL player; highly skilled at the game and I think pissed that there are people here who care more about the social aspects of the forum than respecting the pecking order establishment among the RL players. Dunno. He belongs to a club called the DC conscripts, with Daniels and Sparafucil - they post messages looking to get attention a couple times a month with regards to it. No doubt they saw our previous conversation. I guess he wants to expand his comments to include a wider group now. I first ran afoul of him when he started posting bombastic right-wing stuff; his sense of humour is - a little unique.
    10. KingNothing12
      Who the hell is this "fort" guy? He just neg repped me for my mila 18 post.
    11. Michael Dorosh
      Michael Dorosh
      "Leave me out of your posts....period. I want absolutely nothing to do with you. Do not use my name for anything whatsoever anywhere again."

      Fort, not really sure where you get off telling me what I can or can't post, but I'll take your request under advisement. I don't happen to agree your suggestions in the scenario contest thread were good ones, and I don't think there was any real consensus one way or another - moreover, it seems odd you would rail against "monster" scenarios when you actually submitted one yourself in the last contest.
    12. Psycho
      Heehee. This stuff practically writes itself. :p
    13. KingNothing12
      No prob, and he thinks he has the right to post crap about your service time! That goes too far.
    14. KingNothing12
      Don't mind those douchebags like Daniel.
    15. Honza
      I got a neg rep from Fort last I remember. But it was not for saying the East Front 'rocked hard'. That fiasco turned into an argument but not neg rep! It was a while ago now...
    16. Herman Hum
      Herman Hum
      Is that the royal "We"? ;)
    17. Psycho
      That's Don's woman. She hasn't been on in awhile AFAIK.
    18. Psycho
      They don't give out rep often enough. Few do. :cool:
    19. zenprole
      It won't let me rep you for the "20,000th post" thread. The scenario titles are hilarious. Let me see if I can come up with a few...
    20. zenprole
      Thanks for the rep, though I forget what the quest was... (If it's about the rulebook post, I've given up on such arguments. ASL is what it is. I've even stepped away from the game for a few weeks - remembering the rules is a headache I don't need.)

      Thanks for the BGG link - I've been browsing there to find another game or two to check out.
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    Calgary, AB
    Author of SCENARIO DESIGNER'S HANDBOOK (canadiansoldiers.com, 2007), Michael Dorosh has had scenarios published on the Combat Mission: Shock Force release disc as well as Special Edition releases of Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin and CM:AK.


    ASL Scenario Designer's Handbook (2nd Ed.)
    Tactical Wargamer's Journal Issue 1 2 3
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