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  • "Seahawks by 10 tomorrow."

    I hope not but probably true. I'm picking SEA in our pickem group but I'd really prefer to miss it.
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    Michael Dorosh
    Michael Dorosh
    My hometown team got into the CFL championship game this year. Got behind early, then clawed back. On the last series, down by 3 and a couple yards out - shades of Super Bowl 2015. Instead of giving the ball to our RB, the best in the league, the QB ran around the edge and got stuffed. We scored a FG and then lost in OT. And the next day, everyone compared it to Pete Carroll's decision not to run Marshawn Lynch...
    "Shooting the truly shootable members would leave the forum barren and void of posters, rather than just barren and void of intelligent thought as it is now"

    How would you like it if Hitler was barren and void? :angry:
    I'm sure Tate/Doggie/etc will be along any minute to say that Obama is in no way responsible for getting him. He probably in fact hindered US forces and went as far as shielding him but couldn't stop the mighty US forces! :flag: ;)
    "You're poisoning the atmosphere of the forums with this constant negativity"

    Poison this! :angry:
    I am at work and don't have your email addy..I have that scenario card for your eyes.
    "That almost looks like you've read the ASLRB or something. Too bad I know better."

    There's a rulebook? :hmmm:
    Here you go, the first edition of the highly coveted GameSquad Tipster official avatar:

    Full size:

    Avatar sized:

    Dude I know you spew a lot about Combat Mission, but I am Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot on this system. I posted something over on the CM thread. If you don't mind can you take a look and if you know of any help please let me know.
    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the comments out front! I don't often reply because it seems to trigger some sort of bug with the top articles where my comment is posted as another article. :nuts: Be assured, I read them all and appreciate 'em!

    Thanks Mike. Do you play Combat Mission? I played mostly ASL/ASLSK, Steel Panthers (WinSPWW2) and some Matrix Games (used to be Talonsoft) East/West Front & the PTO thing. I mostly just like WinSPWW2 the most (Don Greenwood calls it mental masturbation). I wonder if the mods will ban me for saying that...lol
    No. I really don't care. It's just rep and I went out on top. :coolban: Now we just start over and go again. Still, it's fun to act like it was a big deal and get all indignant about it. :)
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