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    A heroic leader who suffers a second wound is dead directly or has to pass severity dr?

    i think I’ve always played with the hero being automatically wounded when failing the first MC without rolling the wound severity dr. I suppose it’s wrong after reading this post.. 🤔
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    CX and 'timing' of reduced PP capacity

    IMO total PPs carried is counted for All its Mph.. i think no.. not sure if dropping a 2PP SW and then take a different 2PP SW counts as 4PP or 2PP for carrying and MPh purposes.. but this is obviously a diff question..
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    Dug-in Tank Setup

    With no SSR all info about dug-in AFVs must be available even if using a TCA counter.
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    A9.22 Fire Lane and DR Sequence

    IMHO A Fire Lane eliminates any possibility of ROF for a MG.. I´ve played always the inverse is also true.. I mean, a MG using its first shot not declaring a Fire Lane may not declare a Fire Lane if getting ROF, because it´s using ROF and ROF and Fire Lanes are not compatible.
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    A9.22 Fire Lane and DR Sequence

    May declare a Fire Lane in a subsequent shot -not the first- because of ROF
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    range to unit in bypass

    There is Perry’s answer indicating Firelane residual uses hex TEM not Hexside TEM.. I asked this question years ago
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    Is there Vehicle Notes for the StuIG 33B?

    Yes, inside the vehicle... as usual..
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    Street Fighting and residual..

    A friendly unit using SF vs an ADJ AFV in a road with any kind of Residual FP by previous friendly fire.. Is attacked by this Residual FP before to roll the CC attack?.. If yes, is -1FFNAM plus TEM applied?
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    Bypass and Minefield

    Only if bypassing a narrow street hexside...
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    FrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka SSR#4

    And avoid discussion about sleaze exit routes.. better if they are vanished “for game purposes”
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    Can a DC Hero Drop a DC?

    I remember a Q&A about a DCHero needing a DC just to be a DCHero.. if so and disappearing his DC with him.. I think no space for sleaze.
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    Can a DC Hero Drop a DC?

    NRBH but I think a bersek may not drop weapons.. I think DC-heros has to be considered as berseks to reflect this special caracteristics.. specially being japs.
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    Vehicular MGs and MA - CA Change Penalty and Fire in Different Phases

    Years ago we sent a Q&A about this particular rule with no answer. Remembering A vehicle may use any turreted weapon to change TCA, or any Bow mounted weapon to change VCA. Reading carefully rule about changing covered arcs, we though a vehicle usign a turreted Mounted weapon may not change TCA...
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    Russian KV1 M39

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    Fire vs moving unit on a brush/roads (not path)

    Anyway, in this case, if the LOS crosses the in-hex brush depiction is still a brush hex.. To use this rule need a clear LOS to the road without crossing the other terrain in the hex and so not applied in this particular case... at least is what I understand checking the example About the TEM...