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    St Louis ASL Tourney July 24-26, 2020.

    I will book my tickets and room the second week of June. I keep fingers crossed until then.
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    For King & Country reprint

    What about Winter Offensive 2021? Should I come to Washington with half luggage empty? :)
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    Rat Pocket Charts v3

    3.0 laminated 3.1 (because there will be a 3.1 for sure) not laminated. I will buy three of the laminated ones. Where can I pre-order them? :)
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    ASL 75 - Strangers in strange land

    The German stack was a HS, a leader and a MMG. I believe the Just for precision, the German stack was "just" an HS, Leader and MMG. So the bear minimum. You are right in suggesting that it is better not to have killer stack, but I still think they can be useful and in some scenarios needed...
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    ASL 75 - Strangers in strange land

    This is my first attempt of AAR. I eventually decided to try one for this scenario. Me and my opponent have very different feelings about it. I believe that this is because some rolls and maybe a bold choice in the first 2 turns had give a clear direction to the game. The German tactic was quite...
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    Update for those not on FB

    YEEESSSSSSSS PS: I don’t have FB. Thank you for posting here the pictures.
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    MMP Office closing at 2:30 pm - March 23, 2020

    We will open one Monday. Again! FtV! Stay put and make sure you come back stronger and healthier than ever. Will see you at WO2021. Thanks to you and other good folks we have enough scenarios and CGs to play until next year.
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    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    Unfortunately I am not able to log in and buy them .... :(
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    I am waiting for “Lt. Clouseau” .... someone “promised” to me it will be released in the next future.....
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    Onslaught to Orsha

    Where did you order this one!?!?!?!?
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    FT 193 En Force

    Thank you Lionel
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    FT 193 En Force

    Hi, I am playing this scenario and I cannot figure out whether the crew of the StugIIIG are Rumanians (and therefore with a morale of 7) or Germans (morale 8). I look at LFT website Errata page and in Gamesquad, but I was not able to find anything. Thanks
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    my Rising Sun pre-order switches as well. Now It is : “You wish”
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    Different dice

    With such a shape I have no doubts where to hide them when my opponent will roll a snake eyes and create another hero.... he will never find/use them again....
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    Rising Sun Reprint

    January 2020. It isn't time to pick on this thread again? 😁:rolleyes:;) Target date: WO 2021. Is it a dream?