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    J91 'The Sooner the Better' Errata?

    It’s correct as printed. The Aussies are chasing the Germans out of the Tobruk perimeter. Note that the Germans have full MP the first turn, and the Aussies have expended 4 MP.
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    Looking for VASL pbem opponent

    Opponent found. Thanks!
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    Looking for VASL pbem opponent

    I can usually do a log per day, at least, with the occasional life delays. Medium size scenario. Any theater, any rules. MMP or high quality TPP only. I don't have a lot of recent releases, so if you want to stay current then you'll have to provide the scenario for me. :) Email me at...
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    Looking for VASL PBEM

    I have found an opponent. Thank you! Matt
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    Looking for VASL PBEM

    Hi all: I've been out of VASL pbem for a few years and am looking to ease back into it. I will try to do one log a day, but I can't guarantee it given my work commitments. I'd prefer a tournament-sized scenario I'll do any theater and/or rules. No ASLSK, please. Email me at...
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    No problem. The Angry Samoans album is called "Back From Samoa". The most offensive record I've ever loved. Scott was playing The Descendents at his B-day party last Saturday. That got me to dig those LPs up and digitize them. "Bonus Fat" and "Milo Goes To College." Fast, furious and...
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    I can do either. I have an iPOD, thus I have iTunes. I never paid for the music download portion. Piece of cake. That "1945" single might be worth some dough, you know. I saw one at Vinyl Solution in Huntington Beach for $50, and that was a few years ago. It has "Under My Thumb" on the...
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Scott, Next time you come over, bring an LP or two and I'll digitize them for you. This includes surface-noise ruduction, pop/click removal, and conversion to any format you like (.wav, .mp3, etc.) I've been doing this recently for a lot of my old LPs. This weekend I found in my collection...
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    ASL Scenario Hall of Fame

    My 10 Italian Brothers Siam Sambal Cream of the Crop Point of No Return High Danger Le Herrison The Capture of Balta Men of the Mountains Stand and Die Bridge To Nowhere
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    Hit the Beach V9N3 now available

    Our newsletter meister, Matt Cicero, has been catching up on backed up newsletters. The latest one is now available for free at: We are excited about this issue because, among other things, it contains the Design Notes for Melee Pack II. Enjoy...
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    No more Tom Daschle!

    I don't know what is more disappointing: - That in political discourse these days I can't tell the difference between the 13 year olds and the adults or - That you think he's well spoken (even for a 13 year old). I offer for your consideration: and No offense intended to Jon, he is...
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    HoB Reprints

    KotH was/is one of my favorite CGs. The scenarios were very good too. The ASL community would be well served to get a fresh version of it, even if it takes some effort. I'd be happy to help out the HoB guys in this regard. A better map, mounted counters and printed rules and this blast from the...
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    No more Tom Daschle!

    This is wonderful. Treating political discourse as you would a sporting event. Your fellow Americans who didn't vote for President Bush also have values. And beliefs. They should be respected, just as conservatives wish for their values to be respected. Your gloating above is an example of...
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    AOO & ASLRB Update

    AoO FWIW, regarding the "nobody will play AoO, just like DB" thing, I disagree. For one, people screamed for "Dutch Trucks" because most of the time it was going to be coupled with the Axis Minors. Green Meanies was referring to both sides for quite a while, till it got split into two, DB...
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    CyberASL Open VI thread

    Keith, Thanks for removing the article, no worries on this end. Whoever modified it and took the author's name off (me!) and then gave it to people is the one who is at fault. I'm glad that the article helped you get into pbem.