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  • Lol, Martin. I'm not sure I would have agreed with that before, but now knowing my own history with the subject and being brought into it first hand, I'm inclined to agree somewhat.

    Oh, and like Dave said, nice work with the banjo :)
    Let him have his little "victories." Anyone who claims that he's winning arguments on the net likely isn't. It helps his little ego though. ;)
    "When were you in Cleveland ?"

    LOL, dude! If I was prone to shitting myself, I probably would have when I read that.

    Tried to rep and failed.
    Doggie is another Tater. Evil liberals are ruining this once great country... blah blah blah. :rolleyes:
    "Lost all your games at ASLOK?"

    You can't be serious. Tate is a known ASLOk dodger. He constantly finds reasons to not attend or else he would have to face the people he regularly insults on here. In fact, I don't know of a single tournament he has attended. He claims that he will go one day but I doubt it.

    It's also said that he isn't as good as he talks (at least not regular scenarios). That might be another reason for his not showing up. ;)
    Tried to rep you and trev, but couldn't. I need to give more rep to idiots so I have it on hand when I need it.
    He's a typical on line bully. The fact that he crawled to the mods when I went for him shows his cowardice. Can dish it out all day but can't take it.

    I discovered these things about him some time ago and now he is on my ignore list. He's the only one. He's not worth your time.
    Sorry about my churlish post earlier, I reacted without all the facts. Apologies!
    You should at least try it and when Tate starts telling you he knows better because he lives in the US... BAM! Of course he knows better about all things known (and unknown) to man. :rolleyes:
    Oh, don't worry not many people really like Tate (or a t least 'Tater' his on-line personna) I just don't take him all that seriously any more. Although I've not met him in person, I hear he is a jolly good fellow to sit across an ASL game from.
    Dorosh's book is very good IMO. You can contact him and he'll send you a preview I believe and then you can decide whether or not to buy it.
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