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    House of Cards 1945 - TOAWIII mod

    When I messed around with the scenario I just broke them down into battalions, so divided each regiment into 3.
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    House of Cards 1945 - TOAWIII mod

    Hi Silvanski, Good job. Have you thought of reducing the Russian artillery regiments into battalions? It has the effect of giving the units a more palatable appearance in terms of combat factors, see the picture below to see what I mean:
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    Where did Marko run off to?

    Wrong on both turd boy.
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    that is if your not sentencing them to death, waiting till their eighteen then executing them. :cool:
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    So basically exactly what the US is doing now and what Australia could never do. Just because Britian treated everyone like shit it does not mean that today the here and now we have to watch the US kill, torture and destroy. One thing that always surprises me about the US mentatlity is that...
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    Oh yes, as far as I am concerned the Arabs can do what they want with THEIR BLACK GOLD.
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    Okay the whores thing was plain stupid. But you tend to agree with everything else I have posted. Hoorah, a true American who can speak and post the truth without feeling ashamed. He tells it the way it is and dosen't pretend to be concerned.
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    Anti-american policy = Troll Pro-american policy = Hero You do have an usual uptake on the world.
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    And I can honestly say that I have forgotten absolutely everything you have posted. :love:
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    The mighty One Sentence Story

    marko....he noticed how all the horder wore ten gallon hats and were generally fat. Could they be the JR army ? Marko proceeded to snap their fat jaws...
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    Typical 'Why us mentality"

    'So keep this in mind before you mouth off next time about US actions in the war on terror. We did nothing prior to 9/11 after a terrorist attack, except throw cruise missles empty training facilities. We did nothing the first time terrorists struck in New York. We are not going to sit around...
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    My apologies

    You mean posts that show the US serviceman is in general no better than his Iraqi counterpart. This is what makes me laugh so much with all this torture stuff, once that uniform is on then every one is exactly the same.
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    Sex roles in humans

    True, the vast majority of social and biological psychologists do indeed beleive nature and nurture both contribute to gender role. One interesting view is that of evoloutionary psychologists - they concentrate more on mate selection. You know the fat old man with the 18 year old bimbo, well...
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    Fat TAX ?

    Didn't you know that having sparkilng white teeth is actually unhealthy ? teeth in perfect condition should be just off white, not sparkiling white with all the protective enamel removed and capped. They are just false teeth. Besides I would rather have rotten manky yellow gnashers than be an...
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    I'd Make Jesus Ugly in My Film

    Why ? Don't you like black people ?