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  • Physics types worked with sound and flight paths to determine a good number of things. Communications and medical advances also were pushed. As a result command after this determined that those types had more value behind the lines, no matter what they wanted to do. (If I remember right Mosely was quite a patriot, but it is a bit foggy, I also think there might have been a similar Russian story). Anyway, we all know this was further legislated by the time of WWII when science around the bomb and other things became highly classified and structured around service to the government by these means. They also encouraged or at times even pushed hard farmers to stay on farms rather than join the service. Nice to catch up with you a bit--gotta go pick my youngest up from preschool.
    Henry Moseley,
    Yes it is nice that something is useful in having a degree in Trivia (History). I happen to nearly have a physics degree (teaching) also, so I ended up studying two nearly non-practical disiplines. If I remember right about Moseley quite an uproar upon his death and a rethink afterwards. WWI was a pretty active time for scientific ideas put forth to fight the war. In the USA good old Edison was pulled into it.
    Hi Again, I could not help but think of you and the 80 inches of snow you've had this morning. Its snowed about 8 inches here over the last couple of days. Thats the most Oxford has had in about 10 years. It varies up and down the country. For breakfast this morning I had my HOMEMADE Boston Baked Beans with bacon and onion! Yum Yum! While it was snowing outside. I could have almost been in America.... ;) Cheers, Jan.
    Hi Mark, How are you doing? What ASL stuff have you played so far this year? You may have noticed in the AAR section that I'm playing RB CGIII solo - with doubled OOB! I'm having great fun so far. See you around, Jan.
    Hi Mark, How are you doing? I've not seen you around for a long time. I bet your glad I've stopped pestering you for ASL stuff! LOL. I'm still grateful, you were very generous. Thanks. Take it easy and hopefully bump into you soon.
    Near Appleton maybe but that is almost as far away as I am:OHNO: I REALLY don't think I'll be in the area but the wife may get a wild hair and decide to go. I'll PM you my Cell # just in case.:)
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