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    CoD2 Preview

    I can tell one thing from the screenshots. I'm going to need a new PC to enjoy it.
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    CoD2 Preview

    I still prefer the good ol'SAS in Hidden and Dangerous 2.
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    CoD2 Preview

    A few more.
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    CoD2 Preview

    They look pretty amazing. :surprise:
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    My nwe favorite COD server

    I would have to go with "CoD=Garbage 0.0." :D
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    Jon's COD rant

    :D Want a game that challenges the mind, as opposed to your twitchy finger? Pick up a copy of Brothers in Arms.
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    Jon's COD rant

    CoD is garbage anyway. Severly dated graphics, hell, they were dated when it launched, poor AI, unbalanced MP functions, bugs not fixed etc.
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    Super Fallout Mod English patch:
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    New Harpoon scenario design site

    I just wish I had time to give it a go. :cry:
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    Superpower 2

    Update: The UN was not included because the UN itself said that if GL made the international body a part of the game it would sue. :rolleyes:
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    Superpower 2
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    Game Spy finaily reviewed Hearts of Iron

    I'll stick with PCG and ACG. Sites like this (IGN, GS, GI etc.) have a tendency to over rate games in an attempt to garner more subscriptions.
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    Reviewing Alexander the Great

    Yep, thats basically the overall feeling of the film.
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    Reviewing Alexander the Great

    :laugh: I couldn't help it! It was there and deserved a shot. I did hear that the film was pretty bad. I think I'll wait until "comes out" on video.
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    Reviewing Alexander the Great

    So one minute hes sword fighting and the next hes sword fighting? ;) :D