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    Recommend a September 1939 scenario

    I have liked "Sochaczew" - DB002. Won twice as the Poles, gut feeling pro-German. Liked BFP-111 - Before The Blunder, and BFP-147 - The Commissar's Folly. Won both as the Poles.
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    Forgotten War Q & A.

    There is no Jitter Fire. See W7.82. It only applies from 10/50 to 3/51. Gloster Hill is set in April 1951.
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    Errata - Tactiques 'To The Reichstag!' map

    As part of my quest to only play the newest scenarios :D, I plan on playing TAC66 The Final Assault. Please note that if you download the Tactiques map for this, or for the other three scenarios that use this map, Overlay X18 is missing! The printed version of the map is a little smaller than...
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    AAR Redux - Centurions Reverse! - 216

    We weren't sure if the Gyro cancelled D2.42. We also gave Walt the benefit of the doubt and allowed the doubling when he was firing the CMG of a Centurion with a malfed MA. Several times, Walt would blast away as BFF at the beginning of his movement phase with a tank that had started in Motion...
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    AAR Redux - Centurions Reverse! - 216

    I had finished changing my tag line from "Loved By Millions" to "Loved By Millions, Only Indicted By A Few", so I had time to play Centurions Reverse! I had played this with JRV recently – there is an AAR on our game. But Walt had wanted to play this one, with me taking the Chinese. I had the...
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    Do you have a Billy Baroo?

    Me and some friends had a Least Favorite Counter, the old German Sgt. Wiesing 8-1. Maybe it was just because we knew Bill Wiesing and noticed it more, but that counter definitely had a black cloud over his little cardboard head. If he got a NMC, he would break. If he tried to rally a squad, they...
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    AAR - With Profound Regret = CtR-3

    I stopped my binge watching of every Full House episode long enough to get in a game with Rockford. He wanted to play With Profound Regret a couple weeks ago, but I told him it looked like it was very pro-American. But, since I am working on being kinder, gentler, and nicer to small animals and...
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    AAR - Centurions Reverse! - 216

    Errata I didn't mention - the first Chinese group should be set up within 4 hexes of 83T4, not 81T4. I really didn't see a good place to use Smoke in our game. The Hill 744 troops were blasting away at Chinese in open ground each turn, and the northern force tanks moved all three turns. Because...
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    Residual on VTT TH/TK?

    This is an example of a contradiction in the rules, IMO. The D.8 example does say that it would leave residual. But JR was taking "TK" out of context in the A8.2 rule. Edited, this sez, "When a unit is attacked...the target marked with a Residual FP counter equal to half...of the...
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    AAR - Centurions Reverse! - 216

    I had been writing up my foolproof, risk-free method for making big, big money in the stock market. It’s so easy!!! I’ll give all the details in my next post. I took a break long enough to play JRV in a game of Centurions Reverse! He wanted to be the Chinese. We don’t play as often as we used...
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    Never underestimate the importance of +1 TEM!

    From Patch: His comment was, "And they say outdoor advertising isn't effective." BTW, if you don't read Arabic as well as I do, the billboard is an ad for Geico Insurance...
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    AAR - Gloster Hill - 217

    This sounds like the Voice of Bitter Experience. Remind me to bring my own glass Sunday.
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    AAR - The Playing Field - RO6

    I was working on writing dirty ASL limericks when Jim called and said he wanted to play. I stopped trying to find words that rhymed with 'Perry' long enough to get in a game with him. I had played this before, as the Germans. In that game, Rockford pulled two red cards in a row for his OBA...
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    AAR - Gloster Hill - 217

    Visiting a brothel. How could you possibly lose??? :D:D:D
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    AAR - Gloster Hill - 217

    I may have to include the words 'brothel', 'call girl', 'prostitute' and 'fellatio' in future AARs. I gotta give my public what they want...