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    Star Wars ASL

    Thankyou Michael I did miss that and it is sad and a loss to our community that gets older and smaller as time passes Rob
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    Star Wars ASL

    Hi All My 2 cents - as I get older, I go deeper and deeper into understanding the game and the rules - it becomes a game more than before. I have found the Historical part I used to turn to ASL for (and still do!) needed more and I have turned to other sources of books/mags and even back to...
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    Desperation Morale website updated

    Hi Mark (and all) Just two thoughts? What about like illuminating Rounds - could start a Patreon thing - seems a platform that has helped Dave Ramsay I Note a lot of the "youtube" stuff went that way - see Mark Felton Productions on youtube - he has some really rare historical encounters or...
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    Heavy Falling Snow still allows smoke

    Hi Westy Great small KGP scenario!- very balanced and a good one to introduce those KGP terrain features I won in the end by the skin of my teeth - held one VC building in CC - Thanks for your comment - did you expect the smoke to be used heaps Cheers Rob :)
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    T 34 Movie (2019)

    Hi my 2 cents is - I loved it and purchased a dvd where the English was dubbed in so you don't have to do subtitles Its first part is so cool with real Panzer stuff!! - not sure how good that T34 was but it was rolling snakes every time (took two tanks with one shot if that is possible!) The...
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    The Guard Withdraws in CC does he take the prisoners with him

    Hi Gerry The wording there confused me when I read it twice! and the example was not exact but thankyou - I will go with your decision ! Thanks again for the help Cheers Rob :)
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    The Guard Withdraws in CC does he take the prisoners with him

    Dear Rules Guru's Cant see this clearly in rule book or Q and A - a Guard (237 (Germ) guarding 2 sqd equilivent) has a 457 (brit) enter his hex - The CC starts and the Brit rolls the 12! - so 237 takes the better path and leaves and seem to take the prisoners with him! since he is not pinned ...
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    CH VASL maps?

    Hi All If anyone is still having problems - please PM me I may have a fix Cheers Rob :)
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    CyberVASL XII

    HI Sergio I love my wooden spoon - it makes Christmas cakes much better than the plastic ones!! 🤪 Rob
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    CH VASL maps?

    Hi Stewart TAP Map ZIP at - Thanks to Pete! You have to do the usual with a Gif as per instructions - ie once in bd directory remove the .gif As a side note - Played them in complete sequence and they are OLD CH - balanced and very much...
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    Hi Steve Really cool remake of an oldie! - Played the original as a very much younger man and hope to play this one soon Cheers Rob :)
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    PTO Terrain

    Hi I think I have an extension that does what you ask (and a few other things) - it copies the PTO chart (and a few other things) - "Extension Scenario Aid Test v0.0 loaded" is the message I get I have been slack and don't use 6.6 yet but probably works on it as well send me a conversation...
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    Uncommon Valor VASL Map

    Hi Pete my good mate has this website - Its not there though that I can see - we had so many goodies to scan and produce but alas......... Unfortunately Pete has drifted to Strategy and Tactics games and does hundreds of stuff for their games...
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    German Vehicle Note K

    My Two cents is You Gota Love Tiger!!!!!! Cheers Rob :love: