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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Just arrived: Croix de Guerre
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Just arrived: Recon by Fire #2, Bandenkrieg, Schwerpunkt #17, BGD's Mousepad & Pad Scenarios and LFT Rat Pocket Charts 3rd
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Time to return to work after confinement. The booty found there: -Biazza Ridge -Brevity Assault -Onslaught to Orsha 2
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    You could make one of the three men in the squad 1st line wearing it; but it's only a suggestion. Not a big issue; It was heavy, uncomfortable, and the common soldier wasn't very satisfied with it.
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I forgot to answer that. Were boots (ankle boots) covered with puttees or gaiters, and were made of white canvas, a copy of an habit of the Regulares (another attempt to mark the "africanist" character of the Legión). At any case, it's intrascenden. As for all the other uncommon material, soon...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    You're right. I have a pic of La Legión in 1934 disembarking at Almería IIRC, all with their shirts and sleeves rolled up. Date? December 28th. But, of course, they were no stupids. In case of hard weather, legionarios put on their tunics (or whatever could find; I have another pic of...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I don't think so. The shirt was a distinctive mark of la Legión, always so avid of accumulate distinctive tracts to foment their esprit de corps. The regular army was more strict about uniformity and so the tunic was mandatory, unless a) weren't enough uniforms to equip all the personnel or, b)...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Tell it to them...
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Just one thing: This tone of green for legionarios is only when wearing the tunic. If using only the shirt, the tone is a very pale green, of which the legionarios showed (and show) particular pride; and usually with sleeves rolled up. Only to add a little chrome... :)
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    Broken Ground Design's Finnish counter set and Hakkaa Palle's scenarios

    Any problem with I sent to you? Need more?
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    ASL Films

    City of Life and Death (Nanjing! Nanjing! ; 2009) First of all, this is a picture about the Rape of Nanjing (or Nanking). There are a few books about this war crime, but they are polemically contested about the real extension of the atrocities. Enough to say that it represents a good part of the...
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    Rat Pocket Charts v3

    I vote for laminate
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    Today I learnt.....

    Only works in the UK. Pity.
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    Your favourite possible hypothetical scenario/CG

    Operation Felix: German occupation of Gibraltar. Lots of possibilities: Paradrops, NOBA, climbing, caverns, commando ops, etc.
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    A GI's Dozen scenario pack now on Wargame Vault

    I own yet, but that's the good policy I had expected to see for a long time. Bravo!