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    What size monitor do you use?

    I run a 24 inch widescreen LCD and a 42 inch hd tv whenever I want something bigger. Ben
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    My Halo 3 mini review

    Since it's release, it seems like first person shooters have been the genre of choice for the Xbox 360. Everywhere you turn, there are announcements for new shooters coming out on the console. With games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Bioshock already on the...
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    Books: what are you currently reading?

    I am reading Almost a Miracle: American Victory in the War for Independence by John Ferling. I am only about 60 pages into it so far but it is turning out to be quite and excellent read. Amazon Review - Ben
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    I thought I remembered the phrase from that movie. I watched it less than a year ago but didn't remember the scene. As for your new quote, I have no idea. Ben
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    Sounds like it may be from Sahara.
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    Film Critic Quiz

    I got an 80 as well. Ben
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    Yeah that's it. See I am not old enough to remember very many of the obscure movies from the 80s. Ben
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    Sticking with the 80's theme, here is a line for you all. "Hey, that's a neat trick you do, where somebody throws a rock at you and you wave your hand and make it hit something else. Did you ever hear of Ed McMahon and "Star Search"? Do they have "Star Search" in Tibet? Probably not. Probably...
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    That's Perfect Tommy from Buckaroo Banzai!!! I remember renting that movie at the same time I got Back to the Future. Watched them both in the same night. It wasn't a very good flick but for some reason I remember the quote. Ben
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    I have Cross of Iron on DVD. The waterproofing line is one of the more memorable. It's worth watching if you have never seen it before. Ben
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    Is Wii still very difficult to get where you live?

    There are none in Cleveland. If there are, they sell so fast that I don't ever see them. I have been looking for a friend of mine in Japan. He might have to just pick up a Japanese Wii. I am not sure if they will play American games though. Ben
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    Should violent video games be banned?

    Unfortunately that isn't true. The Japanese have made a game (albeit with low production values) where you prowl the Subways and other public places looking for rape victims. I think this was a result of some people in the adult industry putting together a video game and not someone in the...
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    American NFL football coming to England

    Where are you at in the states? In the Midwest (especially Northeast Ohio) it's really big. They are even talking about putting an expansion team in Cleveland. I think you underestimate the number of fans over here. Granted, it cannot compete with NFL but I would say that soccer does as well or...
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    American NFL football coming to England

    There are plenty of fans in the US. With LA getting Beckham there will be even more publicity in MLS this year. While I don't think that we will ever be able to compete with premiership, soccer is alive and well on this side of the pond. Ben
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    Looking for Burning Blue Opponent (VASSAL)

    Let's see about finishing it up this weekend. I am pretty busy at work right now. I will shoot you an email with details as soon as I figure out what my schedule is. Ben