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    FT230 Italian Behemoth

    Philippe, Thanks for the right answer :) .
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    Overlays FT2, FT3, FT4

    overlay FT2 in LFT6 ("Alcazar de Toledo") overlay FT3 in LFT7 (cluster of wooden buildings) overlay FT4 in FTC1 (level 4 hill hexes covering board 9 multi-hex building)
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    Kreta errata ?

    Hi, Please can someone clarify this point. On several scenarios, instructions say that there is a mild breeze at start and all OM special rules apply (including 'there is no wind at start '). So wind or not ? Thanks.
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    St. Nazaire: Operation Chariot counters

    Gordon, I have an unpunched (but partially fallen) StN countersheet and there is NO red grid printed on it (neither front nor back). So I wonder if you have received an original LFT countersheet. Please could you provide some pictures with a higher quality ?
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    FYI the streets in French cities were not covered by mud but were paved in 1940... :-/
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    FfS Review

    Tuomo, On both maps, more than 90% of their area is covered by the scenarios (almost no dead zone) and their size ranges from small to medium+ , no monster scenario (the biggest one features about 20 squads on each side and lasts for 9 turns). Hope this helps.
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    How will the Croix de Guerre reprint treat the Free French?

    No FT in the Maginot Line's fortifications (FT was considered as a "dirty" weapon by army leaders).
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    From the Cellar # 9

    Jeffrey, Sorry for the delay. The thumbnail of the board is wrong (my mistake). No grain.
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    New Geo map at next ASLOK

    It smells Normandy countryside...
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    JR, I think I have found the reason of this wrong placement. In fact, I've tried to place overlay Hd2 over another overlay, and VASL seems to prohibit this. So it moved the second overlay to prevent any overlapping. My mistake.
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Sorry if it was already addressed here. Overlay Hd2 placement is wrong (one hex row/column shift). Thanks.
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    Ciao Cina! Type 91 AC?

    My mistake about the wrong AF. Thanks for the feedback.