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    Looking for f-t-f opponent in Hamburg, Germany

    Nothing planned at this time, I believe. Due to travelling almost every week, an (for me) extra ordinary amount, ASL has been in coma for me this year...
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    ASLOK 2017, too early for woofing?

    Way to go! ;-) Seems like this ASLOK is as good as always.
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    Vasl Night League Year Two 2015-2016 16 players wanted Inquire within

    John and I are getting closer to the end of Disaster on the Dniepr loop and with 1.5 turns remaining, it should be done in the next session. The Russians are all over the map - and outside of it - scrambling for the VC areas.
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    Overlay Pack

    Thanks, very useful!
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    Why did I get exactly one Finnish leader in Yanks (2)?

    Chas & Perry decided that JR's success in killing two (three?) Malmström Finnish Heroes at Winter War (when HP was released) required a reward. ;-)
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    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    No worries, I am also used to "edit first post" from another forum, but apparently it was disabled here since posters were editing old posts to say something completely different.
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    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    Also it is not possible to edit old posts after a while. At least not on the old forum.
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    New scenario: Lock of Finland (Finlands Lås)

    Rhett, sorry for the typo on the Swedish/English name; I meant that spelling was different from the one used in scenario 170. Hannu, the text in the book mentioned gave the impression he was part of it, if not disregard the suggestion.
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    New scenario: Lock of Finland (Finlands Lås)

    Nice scenario on a key battle in 1944! Comments (and really nitpicking with some of these): Change spelling of "Viborg" to "Vyborg" (Swedish like ASL scenario 170 - same unit same day!) or "Viipuri" (Finnish) Reading up a little in "Krigsvägar - Finlandssvenska Förband 1939-1940" (Lars...
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    Female ASL players

    You're my man, Dave! :cool: Good to see you here an looking forward to the next BBQ.
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Two games of Warhammer 40K. And lost both badly...
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    Hakkaa Päälle! Errata and FAQ

    Will be collecting an unofficial list here. Hopefully the errata stays very short! :bite: Errata Chapter B: on Chapter B replacement page B43, Footnote 3A should be Footnote 3B, and new Footnote 3A from the Journal 10 Debriefing should be added. H190 reference to rule E7.312. This should...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Hi Russ, welcome back! Cool to see you and maybe, who knows, push some counters in the future? :toast: cheers, Lars
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Warhammer 40K (with my kids) Amoeba (w/ family) Bridge (w/ relatives) Settlers of Catan: Aufbruch der Händler (map depicts Europe) (w/ friends) Those Pesky Humans (w/ family)
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    The Ethics of Scenarios With SS

    I disagree. If you visit England there are a number of excellent Indian restaurants to be found. :)