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    Differences between ATS and ASLComp Maps

    Maps supplied with releases for the same topic are identical across 3 systems, ASL, ATS, and now BRL1192. I prefer playing on the Monster or Deluxe scale maps however. Ray will sell you standard, monster, deluxe, winter, and planning versions of the same map!
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    Next series of Civil War ASL modules now available for order at Critical Hit

    French and Indian War scenarios have completed development. Since the 7 years War was the American theatre of the 7 year's War, this may bring Leuthen and Rossbach to ASL down the road.
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    MMC and SMC

    Any idea why Avalon Hill (or MMP) departed from John Hill's terminology of squads and leaders and called the MultiMan counters and SingleMan counters?
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Thanks, edited in the header.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Sure. Thought this was for ASL AAR's
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Civil War ASL West of Rock Creek, scenario 13 in the Civil War geomorphic series. Elite squads from the 7th Indiana vs a larger first line Confederate force probing Culpa Hill. My opponent split his forces into two wings of skirmishers and attacked my Union position from either flank. His...
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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    It call comes down to whether the rules are in print, since you don't need anything else from MMP to be an ASL gamer. Not that there's a gamer alive who wouldn't to own Beyond Valor and Yanks. It all comes down to what Hasbro wants to do with that particular property. We are fortunate that...
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    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    What will eventually diminish ASL is Hasbro no longer licensing a second party publisher to reprint the rules manual, and time. WW2 ended 75 years ago. World War One a century ago. At a certain point interest in the WW2 era will become as irrelevant as the Spanish American War. Some like CH...
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    MMP pretty stubbornly doesn't do what ifs and I believe only CH is covering more recent eras..the two wars in Nam, the Algerian insurrection, all three Arab Israeli wars, and soon Fallujah. MMP needs to concentrate on the niche they have restricted themselves to, historically employed weapons.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Gates of Hell 4 from Critical Hit.
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    Scenario Pack List

    For more info, scenario listings, former titles, just solicit here or on the ATS facebook forum.
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    Scenario Pack List

    The Teutonic Terror series needs to be bought sequentially, as does the ACW geomorphic series (so far only available in ASL format, more ASLers play American Civil War than STEers), the Hot Stove pipe series, the Deluxe Dert Fox series, and the first 4 titles in the Great War series...
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    Desperation Morale website down.....but for how long?

    His reviews were decisive in making some of my purchasing decisions...he was factual as well as opinionated, thus you could read beneath his disappointment with most CH products and find out if they were actually must-haves.
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    Any chance a 3rd Ed. ASLRB will be published?

    Doesn't matter what any of us opine until we know what MMP's obligation to Hasbro is. Are they required to keep some version of the RB in print?