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    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    If you play ASL, you are probably at least a little OCD.
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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    This is a great add-on to the VASL experience ... the ASL experience.
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    Did we do this correctly?

    ?? are units per the index and A12.1 and 12.11. Option two is the best solution.
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    A2.4 and B.1 terrain movement costs

    Bypassing jungle through bamboo ... that's a tough gig. Entry of jungle through bamboo, tougher. I have always played it the same, that the hex is jungle and that the spillover is aesthetic, disallows VBM but does not create an entry problem.
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    A2.4 and B.1 terrain movement costs

    And if PTO is in effect and instead of brush encroaching on the woods, it is bamboo?
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    SPW 251 AAMG

    The wiki suggests 15,000 Sd.Kfz. 251 and 6,600 Sd.Kfz. 250 Are those numbers inaccurate?
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    TPBF vs Berserker from an AFV

    C5.51 does not address guns or CMG. C5.5 does. But the same mechanic applies.
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    SPW 251 AAMG

    The SPW 251/1 and /16 do not. The SPW 251/sMG, /12, /10, /22 do.
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    Spray Fire question

    I know I will eventually drown from going deeper into the abyss: Higher alpha-numeric etc. The IFE and MG may FG and must to firegroup at the same target under D3.5. I want to use C8.31 for my IFE-capable weapon after firing a vehicular mounted MG, hoping to leverage my number of attacks...
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    Spray Fire question

    An AC with TH/IFE capacity also armed with MG. The AFV fires the MG to no effect. The AFV cannot fire IFE because it could have formed a FG with the MG. Can it fire the MA with a TH even though it had the option of using IFE?
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    Spray Fire question

    If the MMG is spray firing and the unit pulling the trigger cannot spray fire, then they cannot FG together, => Perry sez to expect clarification. Based on the PS, not sure that A7.55 provides a complete answer.
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    Spray Fire question

    Based on the PS, If the MMG wants to spray fire at the two locations, it cannot FG with either squad. Could the MMG take a 4-1 spray fire and then the squads fire at either or both locations depending on the outcome ... since they cannot FG with the MMG and therefore can fire separately...
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    Spray Fire question

    Take the 12-1 first and then fire MMG at the other location for 8-0.
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    C2.2401 American vehicle Note R

    Was the frown part of the original response?
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    Rout destinations and Minefield

    We agree. The broken unit ignores P8 because of the known minefield. Are T9 and T10 both 4 MF away or is T9 3 MF away through an illegal rout path. I think they are both 4 MF away. I am not sure what you think about question #2 in the rout decision tree.