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    Anyone have pics of these CH! counter sheets?

    Nice set of Bren Carriers and L5/30 tanks, the best you can get in 1919. :)
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    Thanks, Perry. As long as it's after the end of January, I'll be good. Sorry for the umpteenth question like this.
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    Any fans of Red Factories, Forgotten War or the new Deluxe Module?

    Loved all except Red October, couldn't muster up the $$ and since I have the old copies, I regrettably passed.
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    Question 1000: Will this start shipping after WO 2020? If so, how soon? Need to squirrel over the $$ to pay. :) Thanks.
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    Designers' Response to the Desperation Morale Review of Forgotten War

    Personally, I like the module very much. No issues at all. Personal choice, I assume.
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    Idle Time

    nice, George. Any counters? 'cause that is how I roll. :)
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Nice one, LFT. Look forward to it.
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    Croix de Guerre Reprint Contents?

    Hopefully they will print this out by..2025.
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Looks fantastic
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    Italian Nationality Chart

    Yes, finally good counters from my brothers from the old country. I am second generation Italian here in the states. My grandparents are from Norther Italy. They used to entertain Italian POWs at the Alameda Naval Base in Northern California. Now, unfortunately that great art doesn't make up for...
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    CH White Finn Counters

    Can't they get dirty pretty easy?
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    Discount Code?

    Yeah, its SAVEYORUCASH. Should be good going into 2020. :)
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    Next series of Civil War ASL modules now available for order at Critical Hit

    Yeah, let me roll up on my cannon and break the crew. Rout them right into the corn field. Nah, I can see an argument to model ASL for WW I and Korea, but the civil war? That seems to be a stretch for me.
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    New CH Product RV = RV of Battle of Kursk – Thunder at Melikhovo

    Ah, it's ok. I have pretty much sworn off CH unless something really catches my eye. Not really a hater, but they mass-produce so much stuff, most really unnecessary and poorly playtested/duplicate material, I gave up. Maybe when I was in my younger years who would have bought anything SL/ASL...
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    Race for the Meuse

    Got mine last week. I love the map. One of LCP best work to date. Thanks, guys.