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    Looking for VASL Campaign Game of KGP-I

    Find an opponent?
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    Looking for VASL/Skype

    The VASL COVID-19 Tourney got me in the mood to play some live VASL. Avail weekdays 8:30pm EST. Up for any medium plus scenario/CG. ken
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    Philippe Briaux is still hospitalized in Cleveland

    Any chance to get a home address to mail a card to? ken
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    ASLOK XXXII - Official TD AAR

    Gratz to Bill and Jim.
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    ASL Oktoberfest 2017 - my "to play" list

    Any scenarios too big?
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    ASLOK 2017, too early for woofing?

    I plan on having a lovely lady at my side who will make all my dice rolls for me.
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    English Soccer London

    Question for ASLers in the London area: how hard is it to get tickets to a Chelsea home game? I will be in London 18-25 Sept and understand they have a home match 23 Sept and would be interested in attending. ken
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    Anyone Interested in a Campaign Game at ASLOK 2017?

    I will get the the first saturday.
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    ASL Players - Netherlands

    Actually I am trying to get a DVD/CD from the Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands. I don't think it comes with any of the choir members.
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    ASL Players - Netherlands

    Looking for any ASlers there who will be coming to ASLOK this year. Got a favor to ask. ken
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    2012 NFL football thread

    If they can't put the ball into the endzone, does not matter how many yards they gain. Being a Ravens fan, I am well accustomed to this. Niners messed up on the goal line with horrible play calling and trying to run back the punt. As soon as he started running with it was the ravens game...
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    2012 NFL football thread

    The Niners won this game??? Better team?? Must have been a different game then I was watching. Ravens dominated the first half and lost the momentum after the lights went out. Too much time for them to think about winning. Lots of no calls for both sides. With four plays to get into...
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    2012 NFL football thread

    Me thinks Peyton is going to light up the steelers secondary. Will be at the Raven's game this Monday night! Look for me, I will be dressed in purple.
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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    Was an exciting game whomever you wanted to win. Suggs interviewed after the game that he was anticipating the pass play he interecepted when he saw Ben give Wallace a little head nod before the snap.