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  • Hi John,

    Sorry for replying so late, but I was not really aware of the private message feature on this website. (I am now though). Indeed, work and family have severly limited my playing time the last few months. The good news is that I will be on holiday next week and the week after and I do plan to put the RB in my luggage, which should allow me to play in the afternoon on week nights. Keeping my fingers crossed that the internet connection will work from Cyprus.

    And indeed, I am liicking my lips to scratch up that victory in 'Escape form encirclement'. Winning with the Russian balance in what already seems like a highly pro-Russian scenario may not be that much of an accomplishment, but it does not alter that I can now claim to have done a succesfull HW. Comes right next in my book after a win I secured in 'Lenin's Sons' by a throwing a DC.

    Look forward to hearing from you about an afternoon next week that would be suitable to play.

    Best regards,
    Jacob Cornegoor
    Hi Jacob,

    You've almost fallen off my radar......haven't heard from you in a while!!

    Let's try and get some ASL done. Let me know what times are good for you.

    My times are usually flexible. I can play VASL on week nights Mon-Fri 7:00-11:00 (Taiwan time, which should link up well with afternoons in Holland), and virtually any time on Weekends (including as Friday nights).

    However, I can't assign _ALL_ that time to VASL (and nor would I want to - I have life outside ASL, strangely enough!!). Just let me know what time works for you, and I can arrange to meet up.

    It would be good to get gaming again .... and besides, you must be licking your lips at the prospect at thrashing me in AP-043 !!!

    Take care, and drop me a line...

    sincere regards,

    John Knowles.
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