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    River Patrol 1

    Thanks Scott, very interested in this one. Bill
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    Acquisition counter wont link to weapon

    Colin nailed it! I am left handed, so tend to use my right hand for that type of thing! works perfectly using the left Ctrl-Alt-L !!
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    Acquisition counter wont link to weapon

    I cannot connect acquisition counters to guns using the control-alt-L keys. My opponents can, but I cannot. I though this was built into VASL now. Is it an extension? kind regards Bill
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    Has anyone played any of the CH Vietnam stuff?

    Plated a bit of the Ildrang module. Not bad, but as usual, not a finished product. Good points Good, clear map. Includes helicopters! Including slicks with door MGs, attack choppers with forward firing fixed MGs and either a 40mm grenade launcher or 100mm rockets. Only one of the seven...
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    RB1 One Down, Two to go

    Haven’t written an AAR in a long time, but played RB1 One Down, two to go recently on VASL, over four sessions. I was the Russians. I knew the Germans had two options, attack straight on from the north, looking to take both Workshop warehouses (F6 and M6), the two-story house in I6, and the four...
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    Where there is a chance of a result, take the shot. 2 + 2 is worth a shot.....
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    What is the situation concerning flame throwers in Vietnam?

    Flamethrowers were used extensively in the Vietnam war.
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    "I bet that nobody else has ever done that........."

    Was an interesting thread, for a little while......
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    Unused obscure rules

    The is a rule where you use two cart counters to pull a heave gun. Never seen it used in a scenario or in a game.
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    How many of the first 100 scenarios have you played and how many do you intend to play

    At a guess, well over half of them. Less from BV and Yanks, but been playing a few of them lately. All from WOA, Last Hurrah, Hollow Legions and CoB. Some from CDG and Gung Ho.
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    What is your main ASL pastime?

    VASL, exclusively these days.
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    Broken Ground Design Counters

    Because it can fire while limbered, but can't use the turn table (slow turret) on unlimbered side.
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    Post Korean War ASL from MMP

    Be interested in having a look, lots of interesting subjects, just a bit over big city fights.
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    Post Korean War ASL from MMP

    Call me a heretic, but the thought of yet another massive WWII city battle historical module, whether it be in Italy or the Phillipines, just does not excite me. I'd much rather MMP look at more recent conflicts. Sino-Indian war, Suez Canal conflict, Pakistan-India conflicts, and many, many...
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    Post Korean War ASL from MMP

    I have ordered FTE. I hope it reaches the order number. I'd like to see ASL move to the post WWII era beyond Korea.