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    Cm:infection!'s probably Lupus
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    Hi, sign me up too. This map deserves more attention.
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    After Action Report Contest!

    Not yet - I don't want to make commitments what I'm not sure I can fulfill. But the idea is good, M.Dorosh also wants/wanted to organize something of the sort.
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    After Action Report Contest!

    it's a good idea
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Hi all, it's Kineas from Hungary. The postman just delivered my ASLSK#1 box today. I'm quite happy with it, except that I think the counters will be too small. I generally play Combat Mission on PC, but I expect to play this game with one of my "offline" buddy. (It's a big jump after the Cold...
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    "Seeing the Elephant" Tourney

    Wow, I'm on the topic. Thanks anyone who will play me.
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    The Eye of the Tiger....Let's Discuss Surprise!!

    I played the Soviet side in this scenario. The briefing referred to the Tigers and tiger hunting a lot. I made a quick test in the editor, and dropped the Tiger hunting with T34s option immediately, together with the notion of the tiger-killer KV2. I decided to defend only 2 flags from the...
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    "Seeing the Elephant" Tourney

    Yes, it was a good game, with a good turn rate. Thanks for the game. (No more analysis here, I almost posted a spoiler...)
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    Round 4 Allied Discussion Thread

    Hi, the scenario is fine, I already deployed the forces. My only concern is that the map is rather flat. The axis have some small hills from where they have LOS to riverbank. At least I couldn't find a position which doesn't have LOS to any of the hills. Hopefully he can only spot moving panzers.
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    Discussion Rd 1 STE Tournament

    The setup for the German defense wasn't easy, I couldn't really figure out the attack direction. Since I was playing against a human opponent I expected fancy flanking manoeuvres, so I put a platoon to the 'cemetery hill'. I gave them a trench, a TRP, and the LMG squad in good position. The...
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    RD 3 "Seeing the Elephant" Newbies Tourney

    I'm still in too.
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    multigaming tournament

    Hi, maybe someone earlier came up with a similar idea but I found no references, so here it is. What do you think about a multigaming tourney which: - would be played on a risk-like strategic map between two sides - there would be a few 'fronts' each corresponding to a game. Like Combat...
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    Seeing the Elephant- 2nd scenario!!

    Sorry, I also read the .doc files in the email.
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    Seeing the Elephant- 2nd scenario!!

    +1, I guess the full sides were swapped. Not a problem for me.
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    StE RD1 AXIS Help Thread.

    Try to hide the gun. But if they are firing at it it's probably too late.