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    Clearing The Breskens Pocket with a doubled OOB anybody?

    Hi honza it's already done before : Cheers
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    Monkey With Typewriters (Past & Present) *WHERE ARE THEY NOW*?

    You could find MWT-I to MWT-III on Asl scenario archives on each page you could download them Cheers
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    Dispatch #47 transmitted today!

    Receive mine this morning Thanks a lot for your work, one more time But like tesgora said : more importantly, IT's you recovering! Cheers
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    SALSA II Help Finish Generation Table

    Take a look at as i say in this post i try to put in SALSAII Format Now Cheers
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    Updated Finnish Generation Table

    eh hop ! I hope they are not retranscription errors in it I insert the event Table from xenovin at the end of the File to keep homogeinity of presentation I try now to put it in SALSAII Format Cheers Regards from France
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    Updated Finnish Generation Table

    Ok I understand I finish the tables and I post them here a soon as possible Cheers
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    Updated Finnish Generation Table

    Hello, I begin to put your tables in SASL form and i have somme question regading your works. the first is when you write by example AFV 1941 DR 52-53 : 01/41 BA-20-tr do you mean from 01 1941 02/41 BT-7r do you mean for the rest of 1941 Year or Just for 02 1941 ? All other questions are...
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    VASL map for CFG Breskins pocket?

    Hi, You can try that, all Separate Maps as archive web site and 1 .vasl to load all in one time Resource Access Chers
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    Map VASL Breskins CG 1.1

    It's the Gif File from Costal Fortress Web Site Archive converted in dbFile for VASL + a CG Save file for loading all map in one time : bd files are stored in board directory open BreskinsCG.vsav et Hop Regards from France cheers
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    VASL map for CFG Breskins pocket?

    I can take a look to make them running in new version of vasl but I'm not at home for 1 week, I had already made for another map and it's running now Cheers
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    Vic Provost MIA Explained

    Send my best wishes to vic and his familly think about you and you near family his the most important in life Cheers
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    Looking for CH Uncommon Valor VASL Map

    I test the new zip posted in resource section and the Data file seems correct for numerotation when I try the coordinate information seems ok may-be an issue can occur when you are on the border but it seems a vasl issue i got the same problem with an official map I investigate to transmit at...
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    Looking for CH Uncommon Valor VASL Map

    ok apparently you fix your needed happy to ear that Cheers
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    Looking for CH Uncommon Valor VASL Map

    The vasl map is a gif with a little file with infos into a zip format I can transform it for you is the lasted version of IWO jima map is the map found in resources part of these forum ? I sent you a message last year about the numérotation of hex, have change something or not ? I be back at...
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    New VASL files available at

    Thank for your solution all work unless Norman D Do you think some-one fix the issue on the site ? Cheers