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    BB Top 16 Round 5

    Go Cloghaun! Go! Great Job! :clap: :bounce:
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    Sat Morning Quick TCP?

    Anyone interested in a quick TCPIP game or two this morning? I am waiting. I am logged into messenger as Norad or ( or you can email me to my earthlink account. Or respond to this thread.
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    Does Anybody Play CMBO

    I know I still play it too. Can't pick up a game just yet though.
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    EF II New Scenario Up-Zelechow Melee

    Thanks... Thanks for the effort Ivan! :)
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    Opponent Wanted.

    Sounds Good. Sounds good Monty! I will email you soon.
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    Opponent Wanted.

    Small Scenario or QB for BO,BB, or AK. Any takers?
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    Task Force Lovelady

    Great AAR! Thanks for the report! Good reading and I especially appreciate the Screen shots!
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    Any one seen Zak Winship?

    Heard from Zak Today. Hope you all do too. Thanks for coming back Zak! :D
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    Any one seen Zak Winship?

    Looking for Zak. Anyone heard from him?
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    Well Done... Very nicely done. Good screen shots! I am playing the author of that AAR now. I think it is scenario B44 16_11. The Northern Line (or something like that.)
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    Encirclement of Smolensk....Brief Battle Report.

    As predicted with out Smolensk I lost a Major Defeat! Ouch. As promised a screen shot of the action near Smolensk. My German units are of course blue. The Soviets brown. You can see a unit just south east of the the victory hex. The problem I had was crossing the bridge in travel mode and not...
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    Encirclement of Smolensk....Brief Battle Report.

    Turn 22 of 25 The tide turns against me. My exhausted troops are kicked back across the river around turn 20. I am in serious doubt that I will be able to mount another successful assault across the river. I tried punching through to the north but as my line thinned out he cut my supply lines...
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    Check Out This Comic Book Style AAR

    :laugh: Funny!
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    Check Out This Comic Book Style AAR

    This is great! It's kind of like Sgt Rock... :cheeky: An excellent effort! :thumup:
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    Market-Garden AAR Gary vs Baelfiin

    Great! When the Frost is on the ground it will be a cold morning for the Germans on the north side of the bridge! :love: