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    What's the story...since many of have drifted off?

    It looks like there are only 4 WW II CM2 games. Has it been about 15 years now since the last CM 1 game? What the heck happened...or perhaps more accurately didn't happen?
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    InValid Title

    Sorry to hear this news. At bit late--but these days I only check into the community every now and then.
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    BF Confirmation of Family Tree of Second Family of CM x 2 WW II Games

    For Bulge we are currently planning: Module 1 = Commonwealth Module 2 = Spring 1945 Module 3 = Misc. stuff As for the content of Module 3 it's similar to the way we're planning Module 3 for CM:BN... we're keeping it flexible until we get to it. For the Bulge's Module 3 I could see things...
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    Steve Mini-Interview by ACG About CM Afghanistan

    Not much to learn, except that BF thinks it is close enough to a release date to do an interview about the upcoming game--their second using the CM x 2 (2.5?) engine and first developed by a third party. Link:
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    Free Beer for Dale Countdown...

    Just over three weeks left and it's looking very likely that Elvis will be buying beer for Dale. That leads us to the key question: will Dale share his beer with his Game Squad buddies?
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    Clue to Current State of CMN and Release Date

    From Steve in post #21: "The implementation of the unit purchase system was our last major coding task. There's still a lot of coding work to do, but we are moving ahead with "real" scenarios and the campaign construction probably sometime next week. What does that mean in terms of...
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    CMN Release Date

    Although posted on the 5th, I did not see this until today (although Geordie did and has the last post on the thread): "We are still aiming to have the game itself done before the beginning of the year. Meaning all the features we plan on being added should be in the game. How long it will...
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    CMN: No WeGo TCP/IP with Replay

    Steve's BF forum post #20 from yesterday: "I'll restate our positions 1. We are not putting in TCP/IP WeGo with replay any time soon. Absolutely, and without any doubts, it will not show up in Normandy. Not even as a patch later on. There's no chance, and I mean less than zero, that this...
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    CM Afghanistan

    What's this all about--as described on the BF forum: Post # 33 "Sorry for leaving you guys hanging. In our defense, it wasn't our choice to have someone figure this out over the 4th of July holiday weekend So here comes some off-the-cuff responses: Many months ago we partnered with a...
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    Brit Module Screenshots Posted by Battlefront

    See them here:
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    CM: Normandy & Family--More About What's In

    In a post tonight Steve tells us a bit about what will be in the game(s): Some quick comments, though you guys have to understand that I've got to keep some stuff vague for now since we never want to say something is "in" until we are sure there are no last minute hiccups. Things that I can...
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    Battlefront's CM x 2 Road Map

    Here's the thread which is currently 10 pages long: I have posted the key (in this case almost all) of the Battlefront (Steve) posts in this thread on our KG forum here:
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    Moon Says that CM x 2 Normandy Coming in 2009

    Ahh--but when in 2009? Here's a link to his post (#3) at the Battlefront forum:
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    CMC Preview Tease

    Just posted on the Battlefront blog:
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    CM x 2 World War II

    While a few anxiously await the release of the Marines module for CMSF, most of us around here are more interested in the pig in the python: CM x 2 World War II. What changes, if any, would it take to CM x 2, as seen in the currently patched version of that engine as seen in CMSF, for you to...