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  • I got your "package" today! I was surprised at how much stuff was in it! :devious:

    Thanks I didn't have a few of the scenarios.
    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the message and the email. It is all much appreciated. You are a great bloke! lol.


    My doctor told me I had a choice; stop smoking or stop breathing. I chose the former.
    It been years since I smoked cigarettes. Even then I never munched a butt.
    Hi Kevin, hope that things go ok for the two of you, as for the Pack I already have the real thing , am looking for a copy with counters to give to one of my friends as a xmas present! What I am really looking for , for myself is a copy of MM11 The Texel pack, due mailny to the fact that I work and live three weeks of the month just over from the Island in holland!
    take care
    kevin let me know about your rare german Vehicles pack when you have a chance hope all goes well today dfor the two of you!
    Always happy to recognize someone who knows that this is just a silly forum and not real life. :)
    thanks for the visitor post, things are great I've been in remission for 2.5 years so everything is going well.
    Thank you, Kevin. Things are going better now, after a week. Good that our governement - at least what has been left of him - reacted very quickly to this tragedy and it's outcome.
    5,000 POSTS? I got 5k?

    wow... who'd thunk it.

    You know, your photo looks remarkably like your avatar.
    Kevin, thanks much, appreciate the info. As for the boards I already have them. Got them from Scott at the Gamers Armory.If you have not tried them you should. Lots of great stuuf, VERY reasonably priced, and OUTSTANDING service. Thanks again, take care and God bless, Bill.
    Yes, I had all of the OAF issues except Playtester's Journal #6 which wasn't available when I bought in and Special Editions #1-4 because did not need (reprints) or weren't available.
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