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    Pacific War Squad Battles for sale on Ebay

    Found this online today, Pacific War Squad Battles for those that might be interested.
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    Tigers on the Prowl/Panthers in the shadows/Panzer Campaigns? I'm not sure if the above website has what you are looking for, but, the games are like $15 cheaper than on the HPS site. If that helps any.
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    CMAK News

    Yah and everytime I get into those AAR's they end!! The one they are posting has been a good one so far, I'm anxious to see the outcome, it's looking bad for the allies. ;)
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    Looking for games

    Me too, but, I'm not on a ladder. If I were I would be below the lowest rung, in that trench below a snakes belly. ;)
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    anybody up for a real challenge ?

    I get to be the ALLIED right? ;)
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    Airborne Assault - has anyone tried this yet?

    No multiplayer feature? Man that knocks off 50pts in my book. One can only decimate the computer AI so many times before one needs that intelligent human counterpart. Guess I'll wait for this one to hit the bargain bin as well.
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    Tigers on the Prowl/Panthers in the shadows/Panzer Campaigns?

    Good luck I been stalking ebay for a month now and finally just got a deal on Squad Battles Pacific Strike for 32.00+S&H. Hard to find grognards willing to let go of these quality games by HPS, and Tiller. I'm still wanting Eagle Strike, cause the European and Pacific war are my favorite...
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    Naval warfare 2nd world war

    Where can I download VDMsound?
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    CM series: Disappointed in AI

    The AI in Total War isn't really improved from easy to expert level, what they did was increase the "morale" values of the enemy AI, thus they don't rout as easily and they "decreased" the "morale" your your units, thus it seems the AI is playing a better game. There are also other modifiers...
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    Naval warfare 2nd world war

    Heh, explain to me this, I downloaded some games from Underdog, DOS games mind you and these bloomin things WORK with WIN-XP, but, flipping some Win95/98 games don't!! what's up with that?? Especially Panzer General Scorched Earth and Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri (even with the XP patch centauri...
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    SPWAW-Mega Campaign #4 - The Theme

    Will this include a version of SPWAW like v7.1 or 8.0, along with this campaign?