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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    As JRV notes...
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    AP140 and Fog

    The US has 4 HIP guns (3x 76L and 1x 57L) and then roving Bazooka patrols...347, 8-0, 1-4-9, 2x Baz 44 which can set up HIP. I think there might be a "gack" on the FOG element at some level of application for reasons you all note above. I don't think an all in on the short side for there...
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    Quick question on Kinetic Energy LMG counter from British Rare Vehicles.

    Yes, the photo is a Lewis on LRDG patrol lorry, but I believe Paul is correct in that the LRDG and later the SAS sought to switch to K-series, .50 and captured Italian Bredas ASAP... Just of general interest: nice new tires/tyres (not that they would be bald from desert, but no nicks from...
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    Pushing a Gun and CX

    How does one parse out "labor task" of A4.51 from "Labor Status"? This seems a stretch ....there as things which are labor...but only some earn status...and some not b/c they are tasks? (what are other labor tasks?) Plausible but odd. I think the A4.51 is a slip or rather the Index is...
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    Hazardous Movement for Flame Clearance: no effect?

    It might be possible to be under OBA when the action DR is made??? By fired on....I take you meant "attacked". Maybe you meant "direct fire".
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    Pushing a Gun and CX

    I believe so, the use of the phrase "labor task" in A.4.51 combined with the fact that you can gain a labor status chit when manhandling is why I offer this interpretation. (Note "labor task" is not defined in the Index. Likely should be "Labor Task: a task for which an infantry unit can...
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I made the same purchase too.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Just for the record, it is not really a "2nd" edition. It is an original with the 2nd print run of counters. An "edition" implies updates and errata and the like. But good purchase...but then I am biased. ;)
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    New WWII mini series from Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks

    Too bad it will be "new" network and not plain Netflix...
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    A.P. Fourteen.

    On thinking about this more if you look at the other board that came with the AP, 12a/b is it. Now that is a geo "model" or maybe better as "artist rendition" of St. Lambert sur Dives. The long gully is really the Dives River but to give the board more play they made it a gully. The village...
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    A.P. Fourteen.

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    Rat Pocket Charts ver 2

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    Rat Pocket Charts ver 2

    No there is no plan for Rat HASL...which is why I said there was no plan.
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    Fire lane and + 6 LOS

    You have not played against me at night...and you know my fondness for FLs... EX: Taking the Left Tit has useful FL options for the MMG on the German left flank. I would not place the HMG in the role.