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    For King and Country vs West of Alamein

    Hoping someone could assist. Many of the ASL Modules list West of Alamein as a necessary component. Can someone tell me if For King and Country satisfies the requirement (in absence of West of Alamein) for the modules below; Code of Bushido Gung Ho! Pegasus Bridge A Bridge Too Far...
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    Broken Units and SW Posession

    Alex, I justed moved from ASLSK to Full ASL so you may want a vet to give you a more concrete answer. From what I understand, you can not transfer the MMG from the Broken unit to the Good Order Unit. Broken units must route with any SW that has PP equal to or less than their PP allotment...
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    (A19.12) ELR

    Re: ELR Jeff, You are correct. In the SK a unit that suffers ELR, that can not be reduced further, suffers no affect from an ELR perspective. Jesse
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    Beyond Valor reprint

    I believe the ASLRB has been on the preorder page for over a year? Not sure if that’s indicative... Needless to say, I purchased both ASLRB 2nd Ed and BV off ebay. Jesse
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    In ASLRB 2nd Edition, it states in A7.9 "If a FG cowers, Random Selection is used to determine the unit(s) that becomes marked with a Prep or Final Fire marker". A couple questions: -- does this apply for both FG (stacks) and multi-hex FG? Is the following example correct: -- 3 Russian...
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    Code of Bushido

    Thanks for the clarification. I originally misunderstood. Thanks Jesse
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    Code of Bushido

    Mark, Thanks for the input, I'll focus on other modules at this point. Still trying to get my hands on Red Barricades at a reasonible price. Jesse
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    Code of Bushido

    Hoping someone could help. Code of Bushido lists West of Alamein as a necessary module. Will "For King and Country" cover what Code of Bushido originally needed from Alamein? Thanks Jesse
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    Campaign Game

    Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to make certain that the rules regarding CG procedures (stinging scenarios together and the purchase of men and material, etc...) were covered either in the ASLRB or came along with the module itself. Sounds like Chaper O from RB has what I need? Thanks...
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    Campaign Game

    I was looking to purchase a Campaign Game and was wondering if the rules governing Campaign Games in general, and those related to the particular campaign, are included with the respective modules? My ASLRB Second Edition lists a "Chapter I: Campaign Game" in the Table of Contents but don't see...
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    [ASLSK] Casualty reduction

    This thread may help as well. It was from a similar post of mine. Hope this helps, Jesse
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    Red Barricades

    Thanks. I was able to get my hands on a second edition rule book so i should be covered.
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    Red Barricades

    The MMP site states that ownership of Yanks is necessary for Red Barricades. Can someone explain what component of Yanks is required? Thanks Jesse
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    Opportunity Fire. When?

    Sorry... Just found it. If anyone is intersted; Thanks for the lead! Jesse
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    Opportunity Fire. When?

    The search didn't seem to bring up any threads with topics specifically stating Opportunity Fire. If you know of one that is related, please let me know the link and I will check it out. Wasn't my intention to have people post multiple responses. Jesse