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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    Per O11.609, "Each Location currently marked with a Blaze (not Flame) counter is considered fully consumed by the fire. Players must remove each Blaze counter and make the appropriate terrain alterations." This is regardless of terrain type. At the end of O11.609 all blazes have been removed...
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    Deliberate malfunction

    Yes, if the Gun could be fired. JR
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    Quick FT vs. AFV question RE: Concealment

    An interesting idea. This q&a suggests otherwise. Also although it is a concealed stack, it is not a dummy stack. It might potentially be a dummy stack, depending on the circumstances. JR
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    Quick FT vs. AFV question RE: Concealment

    I believe not. JR
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    Truck Carrying Gaming Dice Spills Onto Highway, Rolls A Perfect 756,000

    I hate separate dust dies. I can never read them without staring at them for minutes. Which one is the dust die again? And now we have to use 216,000 of them? DTO, no thank you. JR
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    Rate the scenario or CG above you.

    Roger is right. Give it to me. JR
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    Concealment & CC

    Correct. Any hindrance DRM (other than those that don't cancel FFMO, e.g. LV hindrances [E3.1]) will prevent concealment loss. Even though the terrain is Open Ground per B1.0, FFMO does not apply [index]. It is not Open Ground in the A10.531 sense and so does not cause loss of concealment by...
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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    The rules of ASL are not laws of physics. They are game rules, and you play by them. If the rules say all strategic locations are always controlled by one side or the other, then they always are. End of story. JR
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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    I am wondering if you are skipping over step O11.609 in the RePh. Blazes mostly go out between scenarios. Note that if there is a blaze in any one Location, the entire building is Gutted/rubbled [11.6094-.6095]. There are some kinds of fire that continue between CG dates. Wreck blazes that have...
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    Use of overlays

    Make it an SSR that the overlays have to be stapled down. That should encourage more players. They are just afraid the overlays are going to slip. JR
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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    If it's not accidental, your insurance won't cover it. JR
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    The rules are very simple: roll a mistaken attack; watch your opponent shred your forces. JR
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    SW and sqd FF/SFF/FPF interaction

    Chapter E was originally released not quite finished as I recall. The first edition night section was pretty bad, with some fairly important "rules" buried in the footnotes. Second edition cleaned that section up a bit, but night still has a fair number of rules that are difficult. Aircraft...
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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    I believe all fire other than from Kindling is "accidental." JR
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    PF and targets

    A20.54 "Fire into a Location containing prisoners or unarmed units from outside the Location affects both the Guard and the prisoners/unarmed units as if they were combatants in a Melee." Prisoners would be a separate element for the random selection. JR